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What is Contemporary Architecture?

Posted by admin on January 21, 2016

Contemporary Architecture

In the modern-day era, the contemporary architecture style is the most widely utilized throughout the modern world.  Contemporary architecture designs is intended to catch the eye. It is generally very aesthetically pleasing to the on lookers. The architect usually considers using a mixture of modern-day building materials such as steel, natural stones, bricks and concrete. Their plans are designed in geometric shapes and forms to enhance the aesthetics and comfort of its occupants.  Contemporary architecture calls for home designs that are built to be functional for several different uses; they are also well ventilated and well designed to incorporate tremendous amounts of natural light. The orientation and proportions of exterior features are the main concerns in the Contemporary architecture style. The buildings are designed utilizing asymmetrical shapes that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing.  Therefore in short, Contemporary architecture brings together the latest building technologies, trendy materials and the latest fashionable finishes to highlight the current and future aspirations of our generation.

An Exquisite Design Style

Contemporary architecture homes are constructed with wide open spaces that would tend to improve air circulation. So the open plan theme is prevalent in this design style.  A home design inspired with a contemporary feel includes an interactive floor plan. Contemporary architecture style allows the residents of such buildings to have spacious room at their disposal for both functionality and entertainment. In most cases, the windows and door openings are expansive and well integrated to allow large amounts of natural light into the home.  This also minimizes the cost of artificial lighting, while maintaining a sense of indoor/outdoor living.

Contemporary architecture has buildings designed with impressive external features.  These features are incorporated in the home design as standard cornerstones. Large windows are constructed to warm the interior with natural sunlight during the day and to allow efficient and effective ventilation. The roof profiles of contemporary architecture homes are made large enough to harvest large volumes of rainwater, as well as to provide the space for potential solar panels to ensure environmental friendly energy efficiency. The Contemporary architecture style requires architects to design homes that have both fascinating interior and exterior structures.  These buildings have a subtle transition between their outdoor and indoor spaces.  The transition is seamlessly introduced by the architect through incorporation of large sliding or folding doors between the indoor and the outdoor spaces.

Exceptional Contemporary Materials

Architects who employ the use of a contemporary architecture design style, normally plan the buildings with an industrial feel as a source of inspiration. For instance, materials such as granite, concrete, timber, stainless steel and even marble are used during the construction process. The kitchen is adorned with shelves and cabinets made from a mixture of timber, steel and glass.  The sinks and other appliances are made of stainless steel and provides a sense of industrialization and modernization to the home. The lighting of the kitchen is made unique and appealing. This is what the architects terms as a contemporary kitchen. Such high value materials characterizes a house that reflects both the current and futuristic trends in architecture.

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