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What is a Country architecture style?

Posted by admin on January 21, 2016
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A Country Affair

The original country architecture style illustrates the simplicity of a countryside lifestyle. The house plan is usually compact to mid-size but is almost always equipped with picturesque details and themes of a stress free environment. Imagine the quintessential picturesque storybook house. Traditionally, when you look at the country architecture style home from the front, you will observe a sizable front veranda or wrap-around outdoor patio with a central entrance porch.  On the roof, there might be dormer windows or gables that usually flow parallel to the road. Windows could be bay windows or casement glass windows with modest cottage panes. The roofing has broader overhangs and in most cases extends over the veranda, which is an essential part of this house design. These big verandas were designed to help cool the inside of a country home, as well as to provide a shady spot for family and friends to gather and relish the outdoors. An architect who is inspired by a country architecture style tends to bring a sense of functionality and quite living in a home.

With well-designed window shutters, attractive patio railings, and dormer windows that boost internal natural lighting and livable space, the appearance of any country architecture style home may not be elaborate but is often quite efficient. Country architecture style homes tends to utilize natural light as a method to efficiently light the entire floor spaces. Large, symmetrical windows help to showcase the exterior and still bring the outdoors into the home. Organic materials fit best on a country architecture style home. Due to their general attractiveness and warm appeal, most country inspired homes tend to be great holiday homes that work well around a river or wilderness environment. More compact country home floor plans are often called cabins or bungalows due to their size and tendency to be utilized as holiday homes.  The inside of a country architecture style home usually features a big country kitchen area along with a collection of sleeping rooms on the 2nd floor.

Country Architecture – Interiors

The open floor plan can be either symmetrical or asymmetrical in shape. Country house plans tend to be rectangular and often include additional conjoining wings. The typical large country foot print makes it perfect for large plots, however, examples of this design can also be found in many non-farming locations across the country and even in some urban environments.  Organic components are common around the interior as well. Smooth plaster covers the walls in this particular home. Wooden flooring gives a warm appearance and feel. Sometimes earthy coloured floor tiles provide yet another flooring alternative. Ceilings may feature uncovered solid wood beams. Taller casement windows usually open at the centre to allow for cooling air flow to come through. Interior rooms are placed symmetrically and tend to feature higher ceilings. The entrance hall, often two stories high in double storey homes, often features a stylish dog-legged staircase. An architect inspired by the country architecture style tends to use materials and themes that provides functionality and simple beauty.

The internal colour scheme favours serene, modest and soothing shades, typically mild greys, warm vintage whites, pale yellows or gentle blues. The colours promote the open airiness of a country look. Solid colours may present an accent but aren’t vibrant. Functionality and comfort are the mainstay of the country architecture home design.

Country Architecture – Exterior

Along the exterior the colour scheme utilized may differ, but is usually inspired by naturally organic colours. The typical exterior finish is mainly finished with plaster and paint and is occasionally accentuated with red-coloured clay brick or natural stone in grey or white. The flat clay or concrete roof tiles ranges from dark grey to warm browns and neutral beige.  If metal roof sheets are used, the favourable colours are between the Azure blue and the charcoal grey.  Any trim work or additional detailing around windows and doors is either painted plaster bands, red brick or natural stone cladding.