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What is a Bali Style in Architecture?

Posted by admin on January 21, 2016
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House Plans Inspired by the Bali Style

Bali style, house plans, bali architecture style, home design styleThe Bali Style is based on architecture features that are derived from the Island of Bali in South East Asia.  These types of house designs aims to bring both the naturally influenced traditional Balinese features with a modern twist.  Typical features common in this architecture style are varied roof angles and exposed roof trusses that glorify the traditional hand-carved timber profiles found in the ancient buildings of Bali. House plans derived from the Bali architecture style tend to be spacious and involve wide open plans themes. Bali style floor plans utilize wide open pan concepts to help circulate cool air flow throughout the house. An architect creating a house design derived from the Bali style tends to want to incorporate a sense of calmness and relaxation to the home, as well as, creates a house design that will stimulate the occupants many times over.

Traditional Bali Style of Architecture

Bali style,Original Balinese architecture is characterized with large windows and door openings and free flowing open floor plans.  An architect that aims to create a Bali style theme to a house design would inherently make exclusively use of organic materials.  Depending on the availability of suitable materials, most architects would strive to select substitute material to give an authentic touch of the original Bali style.  In an authentic Bali style home, the materials would usually consist of bamboo poles, teak wood, stones, thatch or shingles and coconut wood.  Since the local people of Bali are well-known for their artistic abilities, the use of hand-carved hardwood window frames and screens are prevalent throughout their structures.  Their exceptional craftsmen expertise is demonstrated throughout the entire floor plan and is a common theme of this type of architecture.  The use of wood materials throughout a Bali style home designs are meant to blend seamlessly with the well-known Indonesian manicured gardens and surrounding tropical environments.  The colour scheme is usually a contrast of natural colours that are synonymous with tropical beauty and spread out throughout the entire house.  The gates are usually well decorated and arranged with a portico that stretches to the main grand entrance. House plans inspired by traditional Bali architecture style truly bring natural materials into a well developed, flowing floor plan. This continually brings a sense of natural amazement into the house design and provides the residence with comfort and peace of mind.

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