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What’s Included in Your House Plan Purchase

When you purchase a house plan from us, you’re not just getting a set of drawings; you’re getting a comprehensive package that will guide you through the building process. Here’s what’s included in your house plan package:

Floor Plans

The heart of any house plan, our detailed floor plans provide a clear layout of each level of the house. They include room dimensions, placement of doors and windows, and layout of furniture and appliances. This helps you visualize the flow and functionality of your future home.

Exterior Elevations

To give you a complete view of your home, we include all exterior elevations. These drawings show the front, rear, and sides of the house, giving you a comprehensive understanding of the home’s appearance from all angles, including details like exterior finishes and heights.

Cross Sections

Cross sections provide a sliced view of the house, offering a glimpse inside the walls. These drawings are essential for understanding the construction details, such as floor and roof structure, insulation, and other specifics that are critical for builders.

Roof Plan

Our roof plans are meticulously detailed, showing the layout of the roof. They include slopes, ridges, valleys, and other details, ensuring that the roof is not only functional but also complements the overall design of the house.

Electrical Plan

Electrical plans are crucial for planning the location of outlets, fixtures, switches, and other electrical elements. This plan ensures that your home’s electrical system is well-designed, safe, and convenient.

Plumbing Layout

Understanding the plumbing system is vital for any house build. Our plumbing layout includes the placement of pipes, fixtures, and fittings, ensuring a well-planned and efficient water and waste system.

Material Specifications

A list of recommended materials, finishes, and specifications to guide you in selecting the right materials for your construction project.

Window and Door Schedule

A schedule specifying the types, sizes, and materials of all windows and doors to be installed in the building. This includes details like frame materials, glazing, and hardware specifications.

Each component of our house plan package is designed to provide a clear and detailed roadmap for building your dream home. With these comprehensive plans, you can confidently move forward with your building project, knowing every aspect has been thoughtfully considered.

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