Single Storey House Plans Collection

Nethouseplans has made a collection of the best single storey house plans below.  Take advantage of the selected images and house plan details that are outlined under each dedicated single storey house design plan page.  Remember that Nethouseplans will also assist you to fit the house plans on your property. Even when you’re not sure about a certain house design plan, give us a call and see how easy we help you to decide.  Because single storey houses are generally cheaper to build than double storey house plans, you may also want to explore the various design styles of each house plan.

Most people choose single storey house design plans because of building cost consideration.  Others prefer single story house design plans where the occupants are elderly or with small kids due to safety aspects – ie. not having staircases and other features such as balconies.  If this is your choice, then you can contact Nethouseplans to get more information on any of the plans under this collection.

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