LC55A – 3 Bedroom House Plan

Simple 3 Bedroom Cottage House Plan

This simple 3 bedroom cottage house plan has a free flowing floor plan layout. Have you considered a 3 room house plan or a cottage house style as the right home style for you and your family? If yes, then this beautifully designed small cottage house plans will not only meet your needs, it will also, blow your mind. The small house plan offers an array of desirable features, without affecting the functionality of the home in any way.

55sqm 3 Bedroom House Plan with Pictures

This small house plans with photos of the outstanding interior layout with an exterior view that is to die for. All of these is what culminates into making the small house plan warm and packed-full of modern charm. Apart from its spacious lounge and family living area, the cottage house plans interior features three bedrooms and a single full bath. It also features a well-ventilated and lighted cooking area which is just off the living room.

A Simple House Plan with Pictures

Located at the end of the small cottage house plans are the three bedrooms. The master bedroom is between the two other ones and is slightly bigger than them. Each of the rooms in this home has a beautiful big window that allows access to the picturesque views outside. What more? The window allows natural light to sip into the house regularly. All the spaces are easily accessible, and the design is such that incorporates innovative and timeless charm and character. Our plan portray all the uniqueness of a modern home while retaining the charm of older cottages.

Unique Single Storey 3 Room House Plan

The design is on the small side and is perfect for your beachfront recreational home. It can also blend in with the woods, or beside a lake. But if you intend to make it a family home, the plan will fit in just right. As you make your order, you can be confident about one thing; this simple small cottage house designs a well laid out cozy space for you and your family to make happy memories. You can have all of this and a whole lot more now for an affordable price!

A Conventional Cottage Floor Plan

Older Cottages are famous for their storybook charm, mismatched windows and doors, asymmetrical shape, and modest boxy design. The simple layout of these 3 room cottages was designed with particular attention to maximizing the home’s interior and making it a comfortable family dwelling or guest house.

However, in today’s simple 3 room house plans and constructions, a multitude of different styles apply. 3 room cottage homes are no longer merely a rural dwelling but have grown to become a design adopted for waterfront vacation homes, mountain top houses as well as for full residential living. Often, cottages are built close to beaches, lakes and natural areas because the style of the home goes perfectly with these environments.

A Low Budget House Plan

Usually a low budget cottage house plan can have a traditional design or a classic one. Usually, they feature fanciful and aesthetic exterior details and often incorporate some outdoor space. This, of course, is to allow homeowners to enjoy the great outdoors space which is very typical of cottages. Whether large or small a 3 room home is also often versatile and feature organic, natural detailing that associates the home with nature and makes the home more inviting.

The cottage style homes were made famous during the 19th century by some of Andrew Jackson‘s home pattern books. This woodsy home design is characterized by stucco walls, balconies, gable roofs, small porches, as well as bay windows.  Some varieties of building materials are associated with cottage constructions, and they include wood framing and bricks.


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