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3 Bedroom House Plans – LC708

R 890

3 Bedroom House Plans PDF Download

This 3 bedroom house plans pdf download features 3 bedrooms and a simple open floor plan layout.  In a world where glamour and extravagance have become the order of the day, many people find themselves craving the comfort of simplicity. What other way to enjoy the beauty of a simple life than to live in a simple, elegant home? Our house plans pdf download stands for this and many more.

A Modest 70.8sqm 3 Bedroom Home Design

Even after a tedious day, the minute you step into your home, you should feel that air of relaxation coziness and comfort. This 3 bedroom house plan download is effortless, appealing and easily charming despite its simple layout. The three bedrooms, one bath house design is not too large. At the same time, it is not overly small either. The home can fit a family rather nicely, especially if you’re looking to bond and get closer with one another. But it could also work as that perfect getaway home where you can relax and enjoy some quiet.

An Easy To Maintain Single Storey House

Being a bungalow style three bedrooms and one bath house plans, the plan features a lounge which is the first space visible immediately you enter the building via the front door. This living space is spacious enough to support family time or a little get together with guests.

By the left is a passage that leads you to the rest of the house. This passage brings you to the kitchen first. Here, there’s another door leading out of the house. This way, there are more than one that exists in the whole building, and one can easily access the outdoors without having to pass through the front door. Because the kitchen is close to the living area, it is also easily accessible to guests.

Simple 3 Bedroom Home

Then, there are three bedrooms which are strategically located to foster privacy. No one in the living room can see what’s going on the bedrooms. Among these three bedrooms is the master suite. Because of how wonderfully well this design is made, the bathroom is easily accessible to all three bedrooms. The plan combines the toilet and bath into a single space.

Meanwhile, the toilet and bath is quite closed off from the main living space and is therefore private. Besides, each room in the whole house plans PDF features a window that allows for natural inflow and outflow of air. Undoubtedly, this house plans PDF download offers natural inflow and outflow air. The whole house is connected with one room leading to the next in a fun and easy way.

House plans Consist of PDF & CAD Files

Buy a house plans with PDF/CAD/Paper sets today, and we will have it delivered in no time to your computer or iPad. Note that this file formats cannot be edited. Therefore, it may be a little challenging to make any changes to the plan. Even so, you get to receive the plans easily and quickly because they will be sent via email, usually within a single day. You can then visit your local printing shop to have the plan printed and ready for building.

This house plans pdf download is available for purchase, and once paid for, an electronic pdf version of our pdf house plans drawings will be emailed to you ASAP. This way, you can also forward the house plan to your subcontractor or builder within minutes and have them start working on it. Because of how fast this process is they will able to provide you with an estimate or feasible budget for the plan to be effected.

More so, you will be free to print out as many copies as you like. You can also print them in varying sizes, either from your home computer or from your local printing shop. No matter how you see it, buying our pdf house plans download is a win-win for you.

Additional House Plan Information

House plans are offered in 3 file formats, PDF, CAD and printed A1 sheets.  House designs can either be bought as is or further amendments can be requested.  A quote will then be given for the amendments.

House Plan Selection

  • House plans are provided with SIDE TO SIDE and FRONT TO BACK measurements. These measurements must be checked against the available land space on site.
  • The house plan area sizes (ie. 510m2) include the total floor area UNDER ROOF. This is the total combined area of all the floor levels (ie. Ground and First Floor).  Double volume and roofed patio spaces are also included.  Open balconies are NOT included.
  • SIDE TO SIDE and FRONT TO BACK measurements should not be used to determine the square meterage (m2) of the house plan. The square meter is provided for every floor plan level and as a total plan size (m2).
  • All plans can be mirrored (ie. Left to right or front to back). Please inquire with our consultants who will advise on the best position and orientation of the plan on your particular site.
  • Roof types and styles can also be amended to suit individual preferences.

House Plan Package – WHAT YOU GET:

  • CAD (editable) and PDF PLAN SET package (For Construction purposes). This option includes the following:
    • Detailed Floor Plans
    • Dimensions
    • Side Elevations
    • Detailed Cross-Sections
    • Electrical Plan
    • Drainage Plan & Plumbing Details
    • Roof Plan
    • Window and Door Schedules
  • The REVIEW PLAN SET is not for construction purposes. This option provides only a basic overview of the floor plan layout and side views.  Measurements and other technical details are not included.
  • The PAPERS SET will consist of 3 printed A1 paper sheets of the detailed house plans.
  • Fenestration Calculations (Energy Efficiency in Buildings – SANS 10400) are optional. To request a quote please contact our consultants for further advise.
  • A site Plan, if required, is provided as optional. To order a Site Plan from us we will need the following documents pertaining to the property/site:
    • A Surveyor General Diagram (SG) for boundary measurements.
    • Zoning Information/certificate with:
      • Building lines
      • Coverage
      • Height zoning
      • FAR.
    • Locality Plan with contours
    • Sewer layout and connection diagram
    • If the property is in a complex or estate, get the architectural guidelines from your estate HOA.

NB. These documents can be obtained from your municipal offices.

  • Municipal submission forms are signed and emailed on request.

Savings and Benefits of Using Net House Plans:

  • SACAP Certified
  • Ready To Build
  • Great Value For Money
  • Customize Any Plan To Suit Your Needs
  • Quick Turnaround

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House Plan Id: 20229
Price: R 890
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 1
Side To Side: 6.30m
Front To Back: 10.70m
Roof Type: Concrete Tiles
Window Type: Aluminium


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A1 Printed Paper Sheets - 3 sets (SA Only)

- 3 Bedroom House Plans – LC708 -



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