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2 Bedroom House Plan – LC70C

R 890

A 2 Room House Plan – 70sqm Low cost House Plan Design

This 2 room house plan is for sale at a low price.  Despite their sizes, 2 room house house plans can be anything from a budget-friendly starter house to an alluring vacation or guest house. So, are you trying to reduce your carbon footprint, or just looking to downsize? This beautiful 2 bedroom house plans of ours will surely prove to be the perfect home for you.

2 Bedroom House Plan That Will Fit A Narrow Lot 

From open floor plan, and seamlessly connected spaces, to elegant layout, this two room tiny house plans has everything anyone could want in one small home. At a dimension of 8.06m by 9.60m, this home features a dining room and living area combined in a single space. It is this beautiful space that you’re greeted with upon entering the house. Because of the openness and airiness of this great tiny living area, there’s plenty of room for entertaining.

Besides, the kitchen is just adjacent to the dining. Though the cooking room is not entirely open to the dining area, the sheer connectedness and flow of these two rooms are impressive. This 2 bedroom house plan does allow for easy movement from one space to the other.

The fact that there are two bedrooms in the home means it can house at least two occupants. Both bedrooms are grouped at one side of the house.  While the full bath and kitchen are on the other side. Interestingly, the tiny house does feature a tiny entry Porch at the entrance of the building.

Open Plan Living

Going tiny does not always mean that you have to make a lot of compromises. That they’re less expensive or less spacious than larger houses does not mean you can’t have everything you want in a 2 bedroom house plan design.  An excellent 2 room tiny house floor plan design will manage the space, no matter how small it may be, and bring out a functional and comfortable living surrounding. Our two-bedroom small house plans do not only make the best of the limited space with open floor plans and connected rooms, but it also depicts a very functional small home which can serve any individual.

2 bedroom house plans are much more than their small square footage. They sometimes have a design that is much larger than their size. Besides, no matter what most people say about big always being better, small can be better too. It all depends on how well-thought-out the 2 room house plan design is.

Therefore, you need not worry much about finding the right 2 room home for you if you’re considering owning your dream small house. There’s no better choice than this simple yet elegant small house floor plans. Make sure to place your order for our beautiful two bedroom small house plans. Start getting ready to bring that tiny house that you’ve always craved for into reality.

How Functional is this two bedroom Small house plans?

One great thing about this 2 bedroom house floor plan is that each room has its own large window, bathroom inclusive. And since 2 room house plans thrive on the feel of openness, lightness, and airiness, the windows help to achieve all these to a high degree.  Without a doubt, this house is well ventilated and lighted up naturally.

Plus, despite the limited square footage, the kitchen’s layout supports lots of counter space and storage. Besides this, the room features a door which apart from serving as an alternative exit for the house, helps to keep the kitchen both lighted and ventilated.

Also, the full bath is located at the far end of the structure, thus enabling privacy from people in the lounge. The proximity of the two bedrooms to the bath is also an advantage.  Since no long hallway has to be crossed before each bedrooms occupants can have access to the bath.  What’s more, a great deal of space is maximized.  Because only a single passage is featured in this 2 bedroom house floor plans.

Additional House Plan Information

House plans are offered in 3 file formats, PDF, CAD and printed A1 sheets.  House designs can either be bought as is or further amendments can be requested.  A quote will then be given for the amendments.

House Plan Selection

  • House plans are provided with SIDE TO SIDE and FRONT TO BACK measurements. These measurements must be checked against the available land space on site.
  • The house plan area sizes (ie. 510m2) include the total floor area UNDER ROOF. This is the total combined area of all the floor levels (ie. Ground and First Floor).  Double volume and roofed patio spaces are also included.  Open balconies are NOT included.
  • SIDE TO SIDE and FRONT TO BACK measurements should not be used to determine the square meterage (m2) of the house plan. The square meter is provided for every floor plan level and as a total plan size (m2).
  • All plans can be mirrored (ie. Left to right or front to back). Please inquire with our consultants who will advise on the best position and orientation of the plan on your particular site.
  • Roof types and styles can also be amended to suit individual preferences.

House Plan Package – WHAT YOU GET:

  • CAD (editable) and PDF PLAN SET package (For Construction purposes). This option includes the following:
    • Detailed Floor Plans
    • Dimensions
    • Side Elevations
    • Detailed Cross-Sections
    • Electrical Plan
    • Drainage Plan & Plumbing Details
    • Roof Plan
    • Window and Door Schedules
  • The PAPERS SET will consist of 3 printed A1 paper sheets of the detailed house plans.
  • Fenestration Calculations (Energy Efficiency in Buildings – SANS 10400) are optional. To request a quote please contact our consultants for further advise.
  • A site Plan, if required, is provided as optional. To order a Site Plan from us we will need the following documents pertaining to the property/site:
    • A Surveyor General Diagram (SG) for boundary measurements.
    • Zoning Information/certificate with:
      • Building lines
      • Coverage
      • Height zoning
      • FAR.
    • Locality Plan with contours
    • Sewer layout and connection diagram
    • If the property is in a complex or estate, get the architectural guidelines from your estate HOA.

NB. These documents can be obtained from your municipal offices.

  • Municipal submission forms are signed and emailed on request.

Savings and Benefits of Using Net House Plans:

  • SACAP Certified
  • Ready To Build
  • Great Value For Money
  • Customize Any Plan To Suit Your Needs
  • Quick Turnaround
House Plan Id: 20130
Price: R 890
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 1
Side To Side: 8.06m
Front To Back: 9.60m
Ceiling Height: 2700mm
Roof Type: Concrete Tiles
Window Type: Aluminium


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A1 Printed Paper Sheets - 3 sets (SA Only)

- 2 Bedroom House Plan – LC70C -



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