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Open Floor House plans

Open Floor House plans

Open floor house plans continue to be critically pertinent to the architectural scene today. It is also one of the most desired features of many modern-day homeowners. Though it was first available as a significant element of modern homes, the style has consistently increased in popularity over the years. Therefore, it can now be seen being used even with various exterior styles.

In fact, the open floor plan has been the reason behind many old home renovations. People are foregoing the highly structured living spaces of the past for a more open, spacious and informal interiors which join common areas.

Open Plan Entertains With Ease

Living Room fully furnished.

Expansive floor plans that have open standard rooms are great when it comes to fostering the easy flow of traffic and conversation.  Meanwhile, the entertaining possibilities that this floor holds is not only vast but can work even for those who have a casual lifestyle.

This is because in many cases, an open floor house plan also means a seamless connection between the indoor and outdoor living spaces. For many, this is the greatest attraction that an open floor design can offer.

And all this doesn’t mean that bedroom will not have the privacy they require.  Bedrooms can still be cleverly tucked away from all the buzz and be cozy enough to provide a comfortable space for it’s occupants.

The Structure of an Open Floor house design

Structurally, the weight of an open-floor plan construction rests on heavy-duty beams which gives support to the floor above. While traditional floor plans cannot but divide spaces through the use of interior walls, the absence of walls in an open floor design makes space appear larger to our eyes.

Also, in an open floor houses plan, the kitchen and dining rooms often share a common space. Sometimes these two areas are separated visually with a kitchen island or peninsula. Usually, the dining area, as well as the living room, also occupy one common area. A visual dividing line of these two spaces vary. Sometimes they are in the form of two different paint colors, at other times a short set of stairs are used. Some other visual deciding line between a dining and living room can be a handrail or stairs leading to a sunken place. Meanwhile, the living area, dining, and kitchen can all be joined together to become one grand space. Usually, a vaulted ceiling is used to make this great room feel even more expansive.

More Room Space

However, a house has open floor plans does not mean that all the various spaces in the house are connected. Or without barriers. Rooms like bedrooms, powder rooms, home offices, and bathrooms often have separate spaces to themselves. More often than not, the open floor plan is limited to just the living space, dining room and cooking area alone.

Benefits of A Multi-Functional Layout

The advantages of open floor plans are quite numerous. First, the style adorns a house with an abundance of natural light. Then, there’s the illusion of more space that comes with open spaces. Then, there’s the illusion of more space that comes with open spaces. Let’s not forget that this space is quite flexible and multi-functional. Space can serve many purposes, and it easy to reconfigure your furnishes if you so wish. More so, because all other rooms are directly linked to the large room, no hallways are required. As such, more spaces are invested in living areas and bedrooms.

Floor Layout That Improves Social Connections

Open floor plans also make it incredibly convenient for entertaining. Because of the lack of walls between spaces, theirs improved sociability and communication. It will be easy to keep a conversation going with guests even if you’re not in the same area.

An open floor house design also makes it easy to keep an eye on kids. A parent could be cooking in the kitchen or setting the dining and still be able to watch how the children are faring in the living space.

What’s more? Open floor plans do offer an improved real estate value. This is because an open floor design is highly desirable. Therefore, this will raise your home’s value to intended buyers.  A benefit that most of our customers prefer is to modify any of Nethouseplans home designs to incorporate open floor plan features.


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