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One Story vs Two Story House

Posted by admin on May 22, 2018

Single Storey vs Double Storey House

Because building a house is a major undertake for anyone, it is very important to consider carefully every option available to you beforehand.  But even then, it must always be noted that building a home is more than just an investment. Below are a few considerations to note when deciding between a one story and double story house.

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A home must be comfortable for the entire family, in some cases it should also cater for extended members of the family, guests and even pets.  So before we even look at the external factors that may sway the decision on whether to choose a one story house over a two story one, we should maybe look inward.  Considering the needs of all members of the family should be the first step.

The Initial Cost

Usually one story houses are less costly to build than two story homes.  A one story house will therefore be most ideal in situations where the budget is tight.  Building a two story house can cost up to 30% more than a one story home. The reason for this variance in cost is mostly due to the structural requirements of a two story structure. The foundations in a one story home are simple and usually are meant to support walls for a single level structure which translates to reduced loads to support.  On the flip side though, a one story house provides for other long-term financial benefits to the homeowner such as energy saving – ie. heating and cooling.

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Pool access to all residents.

Return On Investment (ROI)

It is well known that a two story home provides better street appeal and presence which in time, translates to a better resale value.  Having said that, one should first look at the average value of surrounding properties to establish whether there is enough value to justify the investment.  A homeowner should also look at the future value of the investment. You will need to look at the price performance of similar properties in the same suburb. It will therefore be wise to base your decision on this projected return on your investment.

The Views From A Two Story House

Where the two story home tramps is with the views they provide.  Because of the elevated platform of two story structures, the occupants are able to enjoy better views of the landscaped gardens and beyond.  Where your plot is located on sloping ground it will therefore make more sense to opt for a two story house. This will enable you and your family to enjoy those sunset views from the comfort of a balcony.

The Layout Of A One Story House

One of the most interesting features of a two story house plan is the option for multiple living areas.  In this layout the bedrooms are usually located on the upper level whereas the ground floor level accommodates living and entertainment spaces.  It must also be noted that a two story structure provides for larger garden area that could be utilized for landscaping and other features such as a swimming pool.  

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