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Offshore Property Investments – The Pros and Cons.

Posted by admin on July 21, 2018
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When looking to make money, one option to consider is an overseas investment.  One way to invest overseas is by buying offshore properties. The property may be bought for personal use or industrial use. Depending on the economic development in a certain area, there may be a a wide range of investment and housing options that you may choose from. Before you invest overseas, there are many things that you will have to think about.

There are several factors that influence people who have tried to invest in offshore properties.  Among these factors is the advancement of networking and communication. There are many people who have now realized the benefits of investing or even moving abroad.

It is now easy to invest in overseas properties now that many international immigration rules have been simplified.  Such immigration rules have been established in areas where tourism is flourishing.

Some people are now investing in properties so that they can make a profit. When there are increasing real estate rates, it will be easier to make money with your property. Your property can be treated as a private business.

Some people may also buy their property abroad so that they may enjoy their retirement on a beach. They will not consider the investment to be a profit-making machine. They only want to have a secure home.  Regardless of the reason why you may be looking to invest in overseas properties, it can be a promising investment for the long term.

The best way of making a profit when you invest abroad is by buying a house near a tourist destination. Some people have found out that they can rent their land and their house while waiting for the value to increase before selling. Some use their property like a hotel or lodge in order to make some profits.

How to buy offshore properties:

  • Have clear motives: If you have decided to buy a second-hand house, it will not be an easy purchase. You might be looking to find a holiday home, a place where you want to retire, or an investment opportunity.
  • Do the research: You should never buy a property if you have not checked on the location and checked to see if the place will suit you. You have to spend time there and see exactly what you are getting.
  • Choose the right agent: Most of the time, the property agent will be working for you; however, it is a good idea to get recommendations from friends and relatives before you choose the person who will help you get the right home overseas.
  • Be realistic: It is better to follow your head than your heart when it comes to deciding on the budget. You should remember to add at least 10 to 15 percent of the asking price to cover extra costs, fees and taxes. While searching for the right property, make sure that you have enough money to pay for the deposit so that if you find the house you want, you can pay for it at once.
  • Know the mortgage options: Some banks will offer funds for people who want to purchase overseas. However, you have to find out whether you have an option of getting a loan in the country where you want to buy a house. Note that even if you may get a loan at a low rate, you could end up paying more due to rate fluctuations.
  • A survey should be done: This may not be necessary with some countries; however, it is important to get a survey done in case you are buying a second-hand house.  This gives you peace of your mind and can save you from losing money on a bad property.
  • Use an independent lawyer: It is best to choose a bilingual, independent lawyer who has knowledge about the legal system in your own country and the country you want to buy property in. You have to wait until the lawyer checks all the documents and the status of the new property before signing anything.
  • Pay the taxes: When you get the property, you should also pay all the necessary taxes. You should make sure you keep up with all the payments.
  • Get the right insurance: Each property will need to be insured according to what you want to use the property for. If it is a holiday house and will be left unoccupied for a certain period, then it will be better to get special coverage for it.
  • Make a will: This will save your heirs from paying taxes when they come to own the property after you.

Before you consider investing in a house offshore, you need to learn about the benefits and the disadvantages of buying a house offshore.  Buying a property offshore means that you are buying a property in a place that is not your own homeland.

Advantages of Investment in offshore properties:

Tax savings

The houses you buy offshore do not require high taxes, and some don’t require any taxes. This means that the house will cost less in the end, but it is a good to talk to a tax adviser if you want to make any international purchase since it can affect how much tax that you should pay in your home land.


Buying property will give a stronger return to the investment. Even if the property may seem very expensive compared to how much you pay while in your home, it will be easy to get a positive return on the property. This is why many people will decide to invest in property in the first place.


You may choose to invest in an area that is sunnier and more relaxed than where you live.  This gives you the opportunity of enjoying a lovely holiday without any hassle of looking for accommodations. This also gives you a chance to retire in the area you like best.

Disadvantages of Investment in offshore properties:


When you buy an offshore property, the house will be far from where you live.  You should be aware of the costs that will be involved when you want to travel to visit your property.  If you live too far away, then you will need to find a property management firm that will handle the running of the investment. It can be a property that you live in on your own or a property that you rent to tenants part or full time. Make sure that the travel costs will be viable compared to the value of the property and the income you may get from the property.  If the travel costs are high, you will be paying the costs with your own money.  Renting out the property is the easiest way of reducing the mortgage debt, but you will not be making any profit.  This could be fine as long as you consider it before you buy a property.


If you are not happy with the agents or the government that you will need to deal with, then it is better if you do not invest in such an area.

Language and time zone

Even if you have no problem with the property agent or the country, you still have to consider some factors before you decide to appoint a property manager or lawyers.  It is always better to work with a property management firm that has an office in both your homeland and the country where you want to buy the property. This is to ensure that you can contact the office in your area whenever you have the time.  This is also the same for the language. If you are buying a property in a place where they do not speak your native language, then it is better to have an agent or a contact who you can communicate with.


Before you buy the property, you need to know the relevant housing legislation in the area where you are buying the property.   Some have two market options, open market properties and local market properties. If you want to buy in the local market, you will need to be a citizen of the country or you will need to have a housing license that may expire in five years. You can also buy into this market if you incorporate the local company into the purchase, and they will become the shareholders.  You should pay the incorporation costs and the fees necessary in order to maintain the company.

You will be able to buy a property in open market housing regardless of your citizenship and license status.  However, the open market properties cost more compared to the local market properties.  After buying the property, you can rent or sell it at a higher rate compared to how much you would get with the local market house.

If you are going to buy a in another country, it is a good idea to know their customs and what you can expect while dealing with the locals.  You should talk to a local before you buy a property somewhere since some countries have procedures or laws that you will have to abide by if you wish to own a property in that country.  When you keep a clear head and keep away from possible pitfalls, you will end up with a beautiful house that you can call your own.