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House Plans modification

House plan modifications by Nethouseplans, Fourways, South AfricaOver the years we’ve seen many homeowners save thousands of Rands in design fees for house plans in South Africa by buying house plans for sale, not even to mention the amount of time saved.  Most have written complimentary emails and message to Nethouseplans and sent us images of their newly built homes.

Modify Any House Plans For Sale

Still, we have noticed that some customers prefer to have some house plans modification or changes made to the house plans for sale on our website to better suit their particular lifestyles and needs.  As a result, we now offer two, very simple options that have worked perfectly for most of our customers in the past.

The best options to do house plans modifications are the following:

Option #1

Buying house plans for sale with an option of a CAD file and take the file to your local architect/designer for them to do the changes for you.

Option #2

4 bedroom house plans, house plans designs, double story house designs, NethouseplansGenerally, our customers feel a lot more comfortable once they get to work with us.  As a result, Nethouseplans is more than happy to offer services of undertaking some house plan design changes for them.  So we’ve made it possible for you to order any of our house plans for sale and then request changes to be made to be just what you want.  This way, you will still be saving enough time and money than if you were to start a new custom house design process from scratch.  And be rest assured that we have the experience and expertise to read through your changes and provide you with just the kind of design that will make you and your family proud.

Here are some of the modifications that you can request:

  • Increase the sizes of rooms
  • Add or remove certain rooms
  • Reduce/increase the total size of house plans
  • Remove add door/windows to any of the rooms
  • Change the roof and style of the house to a preferred roof/style

What will house plan modifications cost me?

House plans modifications and changes to house designs made by NethouseplansAs Nethouseplans, we have always kept our prices lower than the industry average.  By sending us your request for modifications form, we will be able to look into the type of changes you want and then to prepare a FREE quote for you.  Where there’ll be more information required from you for us to prepare the quote, our design consultants will get in touch with you to request this information.

All of our house plans modification are based on an hourly rate.  Any changes that can be done by our design office will be charged at a rate per hour.  Fees will depend directly on the amount of changes and the time it will take to complete them.

The Process

  1. First fill out our contact form.
    • Indicate the house plans code you wish to modify and a list of the house plans modification you require
    • Try and be specific when describing your changes. For example, Do Not say: “Increase bedroom, make dining room open plan”… Instead be more specific and say:
      • Increase main bedroom by 1m on the side where there is window.
      • Make dining room open plan with kitchen by removing the dividing wall.
      • Attach any supporting sketches or image files that will assist in the modification request.
  2. Obtain a quote from us for the modification work. The quote will show the detailed proposal outlining the cost & time it will take to make your requested house plans modification.
  3. Accept the quote and Pay the original house plans price.
  4. We will send you a sketch showing your proposed house plans modification
  5. On acceptance of the sketch, you will pay the agreed upon house plan modification cost.
  6. Detailed architectural house plans will then be finalized by us and sent to you by method chosen when you ordered the house plans.3 bedroom house plans, house plans designs, double story house designs, Nethouseplans

So you want to meet with us to discuss your house plans modification?

No problem.

We get requests for house plans modification all the time. Each request must be researched. In some cases there are no quick and easy answers. Architectural plans are a collection of documents illustrating a home’s connected building systems.

Calculating the time a modification will take and how the modification will impact the rest of the structure requires knowledge and thought. As a result we encourage to first pay a deposit towards the house plan in question so we can recover these costs.  Alternatively clients may request consultation which we levy a consultation fee rate per hour.

However inquiry by email remains FREE of charge.  If you decide to proceed with the consultation, a consultation fee is payable prior to the consultation taking place. To request consultation today, please feel free to send us an email at and write a brief description of the type of changes you need and the plans code in question.

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