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How to buy the best hot water heaters/geysers

Posted by admin on July 26, 2018
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What must you look for when buying a geyser/water heater?

water heaters geysers hot water geysers NethouseplansWater heaters have being in existence for well over 50 years. Best hot water heaters are made of external steel material and internal glass material. The glass material is used to prevent the steel from rusting and as a result contaminate the water.  Although, every manufacturer has his method and production process but they all work following the same principle of geysers. In other words, some products are made using higher quality glass than others.


Heat Duration of Water Heater

This depends on the product as well as the quality of the material used. Generally, every water heater can heat up its content within a period of 30 and 40 minutes. However, gas heaters are faster than electric heaters. They can take about half the time of electric heaters in heating up the water within. Thus; while gas heaters take as long as 30 to 40 minutes, the electric type will take about 1 hour or 1 hour 20 minutes.

Working Principles of Geysers as the Best Hot Water Heaters

Geysers can shoot water to a height of 200 feet. This great distance is often associated with loud sound. This loud sound is obtained based on the fact that water comes from an 8 inch orifice so the high pressure tends to produce this sound during ejection. This same principle is applied to the water geysers you use at your home. It works with pressure too. Even though all water geysers work with the same principle, it is very vital you go for a more quality and durable ones. To pick this quality and durable geyser from the stores near you is not an issue at all but there are quite a few things you must have to bear in mind. You should know there are two different classifications of water geysers available in the stores. They both have their cons and pros.

The 2 Classifications of Water Geysers

They are;

  • Electric Geysers
  • Gas Geysers


electric geyser hot water geyser water heaters NethouseplansElectric Geysers


Electric Geysers are controlled by electrical energy which is transformed to heat through the electric element built in them. The element heats the water. This happens to be the most popular class of geysers you can find in many homes. As a matter of fact, they heat water at a higher temperature as compared to gas geysers. Despite their efficiency, they are quite affordable and less expensive than gas geysers. Their mechanism is quite very simple and owing to this, they do not pose much maintenance challenge. Since they are well insulated, we can conclude electric geysers are safer in usage except if there is current leakage somewhere. However, they are easy to install as they usually appear smaller than the gas geysers.

hot water heater geyser electrical consumption_NethouseplansGas water heater geyser Nethouseplans            A Gas Geysers

This class of geyser is not as popular and common in markets and homes as electric geysers. Maybe this is why many people do not know about it. it makes use of gases such as; propane and LPG as their heat source. The water is heated by these gases in place of element use in electric geysers. Thus; if your home has gas pipe network connected, it will be easier to use gas geysers than electric geysers. Although the electric geysers heat up water to a higher temperature than them, gas geysers heat up water quicker than electric geysers. Their operational cost makes them cheaper than electric geysers. Remember, electric geysers are cheaper in the market but with slightly high operational cost whereas gas geysers are costly in market but with about half the operational cost of the electric geysers. Unfortunately, gas geysers are usually large and this makes their installation a bit more stressful as compared to electric geysers. Their large nature also suggests you must have to create a larger space for them as compared to electric geysers which are quite smaller in size.

Differences between Electric and Gas Geysers in Tabular Form

Electric GeysersGas Geysers
Popular in markets and common in homesSlowly gaining popularity and not commonly used in homes
It uses Element as its heating sourceUses gases such as; LPG and Propane
It does not require much installationNeeds gas piping around your home before it can be installed
Heat up water to a higher temperature but slowlyIt is quicker in heating but does not heat up water as high as the electric geysers
High operational cost but cheap in the storesCostly in stores but very low operational cost
Small and does not occupy much spaceLarge and needs enough space
Does not require complex installationIts stressful during the installation as a result of both its size and gas piping requirement

Apart from the above classification of water geysers, they have 2 major types too. Hence, these types can be electric or gas. The 2 different types of geysers are;

  • Storage Geysers
  • Tankless Geysers

Storage Geysers

These are geysers with inbuilt tank for the storage of water. The inbuilt tank stores water that is to be heated. As the water enters, it is stored in the tank, then after heating it flows out through an outlet pipe. One disadvantage of this geyser is that water loses its temperature as a result of storage. However, the storage tanks are in capacity. The smallest is about 1 liter size while you can also get the ones as large as even 30 liters. It all depends on what you want, your worth, the space provided for its installation and of course; the number of individuals that will be making use of it. Similarly, for homes with more bathtubs than shower stands may also need a larger tank storage geyser owing to the fact that bathtub require more water during bathing hour.

Tankless Geysers

As their name suggest, they do not store water rather they heat up water once it flows in. they produce quicker heated water than storage geysers. They save power whether they come in electric form or gas form. They also produce continuous hot water for your use. They can be seen as more efficient than storage type because they do not waste water and there is no heat loss. It is advisable small households go for this type since no storage is required. Most times, they are installed to be used for appliance such as; dishwasher, basins, etc.

Features of Best Hot Water Heaters

There are certain features you must have to lookout for when buying a Geyser. These features include;

  • Thermostat type installed in it. some geysers come with turning knob for setting the temperature either high or low whereas others come with digital thermostat where simply select your desired temperature.
  • Weather detection meter for regulating the temperature already set according to the weather.
  • Safety valves that regulates overheating.
  • Timer to enable it automatically switched off when it gets to a specified temperature.

What to Lookout for When Going for the Best Hot Water Heaters

It may interest you to note that there are quite a number of factors you must have to lookout for when going for the best hot water heater. They include;

  • Size; size of a geyser matters a lot. In this case, you are no longer considering the quality and durability but the space you provided for it in your home. When going for the purchase of a geyser, you should create a space for its installation in your home first. It will definitely not make sense if you get the best hot water heater in the store and you could not install it as a result of lack of space. Secondly, the number of people in your home that will be making use of the geyser determines the size of the geyser you will have to buy.
  • Design; this is also very necessary as it will help to add beauty to your home. It is worthy of note to go for the best hot water heater that matches with the color of your home. This will make your home more attractive.
  • Product Material; geysers are appliances that require the passage of water through them. As a result of this, they are usually prone to rust. It is therefore very important you checkout the texture of the material which were used in their design. It may interest you to note that some materials are coated properly to prevent rust or corrosion. This is the sole dependency of its durability.
  • Cost; no matter how attractive or durable a product is, if you cannot afford it there is nothing you can do about it. Cash in your pocket also matters a lot in the choice you make in the market. Hence, you can only go for the best hot water heater you can afford.

Maintenance of the Best Hot Water Heaters

For this best hot water heater to life beyond your expectation, you must have to take adequate care of it. There are roles to play and they include;

  • Cleaning the geysers at all times
  • Avoid over heating of the element or gas as the case might be
  • Request for the assistance of an expert once you notice any fault
  • Get a geyser with a warranty of not less than 2 years

These are all you really need to know about the best hot water heater. You are sure of the precautionary measures enlisted in this piece of writing, you can be sure of purchasing a geyser with high durability.


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