House Plans With Photos

House plans with photos and visuals makes finding your dream home so much easier.  For some people, searching for house design is difficult when they cannot visualize the actual spaces, volumes or features of a house.  2D drawings of a floor plan are usually not enough for most people.  Without visual aids such as photographs or 3D images, most people are not able to visually comprehend the interior flow of a floor plan or the exterior cosmetics of an elevation.

Seeing an image of the exterior of a house plan assist most customer to choose the correct plan for their families.  This is the reason Nethouseplans ensures that we provide our customers with enough photos that will enable our customers to have an informed picture of our designs.  This collection of house plans with photos will assist our clients to choose the correct plan for themselves.  Customers can then request to modify any of our house plans by viewing photographs that comes with every house plan.  Customers can also use our advance search feature to search for house plans with photos

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5 Bedroom House Plan – BA487D

R 14,500
4 Car Garage House Plans – 5 Bedrooms This double storey 5 bedroom, 4 car garage hou ...
487 m2
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4 Bedroom House Plan – M472D

House Design [472sqm] – 4 Bedroom Modern House Design This modern house design plans ...
3 bedroom house plan design 3 bedroom house plans South Africa with photos small house plans with picture Tuscan house plans Nethouseplans

3 Bedroom House Plan – T198

R 5,400
3 Bedroom House Plans South Africa – Tuscan House Design This 3 bedroom house plan w ...
198 m2
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5 Bedroom House Plan – T866D

R 17,500
2 Story 5 Bedroom Dream House – 10000 Square Foot House Plan with 5 Tandem Garages A ...
866 m2
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4 Bedroom House Design – BA466D

R 12,210
4 Bedroom House Plan – Bali Style Home Design – 466m² This 4 bedroom house pla ...
466 m2
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4 Bedroom House Plan – C643D

R 17,500
A Modern 4 Bedroom House Plan This 643 sq meter, modern 4 bedroom house design plans featu ...
643 m2

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