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Energy Efficiency – Windows & Doors

Posted by admin on November 14, 2015
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Energy Efficiency In Buildings

Energy efficiency in buildings is no longer just another futuristic concept.  We are now living at a time where our future as human beings depends on the actions of each and everyone of us.  Re-usable energy is the way of the future.  It is no longer a luxury for those who can afford.  So it is imperative for all of us to consider the consumption of energy when building our homes, cities and environments.  So all the products we use for building must be considered carefully to ensure that they come from low energy production methods and that they will also function in accordance with specific energy conservation goals.

Here we will look at products that are key to our everyday interaction with the environment – windows and doors.  People who would like to help in conserving energy should therefore opt for doors and windows that are energy efficient. Aside from reducing energy consumption, investing on such doors and windows is also a smart choice since it also lowers expenses for both homes and buildings. Energy efficiency in doors and windows come in various models, designs and materials these days. The reason why they are considered as energy efficient is because of the features which improve room insulation, help in providing natural ventilation and regulate sunlight. The features may be simple but the benefits which can be gained from using such doors and windows are surprising. So even before you consider obtaining a house plan, you should already start thinking carefully about the energy consumption details for your future home.

Energy Efficiency in Windows and Doors

Since people these days are becoming more and more aware about conservation of energy, it is impressive that there are a lot of doors and windows which are specifically made to be energy-efficient. What exactly does this mean?

Windows and doors which are considered to be energy efficient are those which greatly contribute in avoiding heat loss and heat gain. For example, during the winter months, it takes a lot of work for the boiler to keep the entire home warm. Unfortunately, for the doors and windows are not properly insulated and sealed, the warmth just escapes and the boiler has to work double time.

Energy efficient doors and windows have many features which help in regulating temperature within the home. That way, energy consumption can be reduced. Aside from contributing to energy efficiency people would be able to significantly cut their expenses to.


Proper insulation has to be included with the doors and windows. To increase the efficiency of thermal flywheel, it is best to have them placed on the outer portion. After installation of the insulation, it is important to check for gaps too. Even small gaps contribute to big problem when it comes to maintaining room temperature.

The type of glass used for the doors and windows is important too. There are glasses with glazing which are capable of bouncing off sunlight. This is important because sunlight can warm up a room and can affect the air-conditioning system inside.

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There are different types of windows and door glass to choose from and some are sophisticated enough to match the needs of various rooms and buildings. Glazing with visible light transmittance allows sufficient light to enter the room. Hence, when the sun is up, there is no need to use electricity to provide room lighting. The streaming sunlight will serve as natural light. Glass that has solar heat gain coefficient feature reduces the amount of heat which can enter through the windows because of sunlight. This means that minimal amount of energy is needed to maintain the right room temperature, thus better energy efficiency. The U-value of the glaze which is often achieved by using double glaze minimizes heat loss and heat gain within the room too.

Ventilation is another concern when installing windows and doors. To provide sufficient ventilation within a room, it is important to put careful thought about the placement of doors and windows. Right measurements will make a lot of difference.

To provide natural ventilation within a room or building, the doors and windows should have an opening area which is 5% or higher compared to the total floor area. Windows which can be opened on both the top and bottom level are very efficient too. Opening the top panes would let the hot air out. Keep the lower level open draws in cool air. This natural regulation of temperature within a room is called the stack effect.

To make the windows even more energy efficient, it is best to have opening control. That way, the opening can be adjusted depending on the current temperature of the room. Automatic doors will also help a lot when preserving room temperature because it limits the amount of time that the door remains open. So your house plans must be complemented with carefully chosen window and door openings that will save you lots of money in the long run.