Beach House Plans & Coastal Designs

Beach House Plans & Coastal House Designs

Also referred to as stilt house plans,  pier homes, seaside homes, or costal homes, beach house plans is quite famous for the fact that it is a waterfront home style. Everything about the house style makes it best suited for the oceanfront.

You will enjoy checking out our beach house floor plans and choosing one that meets your new. This house type has a certain allure and contemporary feel to it and is characterized by many features.

What is the Layout of a Beach House Floor Plans Look Like?

Beach house floor plans support a casual lifestyle, and as such, the floor is everything from comfortable to open. You’ll find this simplicity and lightness introduced into the interior of the home. From the light and natural materials employed to remind homeowners of blue skies, to a sweet, rich yellow bearing semblance with the sun, everything displays casual and happy living. The interior of the house always has a substantial open feel, a requirement for entertaining.

The indoors is also always airy and light-filled. Plus, there’s usually a seamless flow from the indoors to the outdoors. Meanwhile, beach house floor plans often employ the use of multi-tiered narrow lots.

Beach house floor plans use many unique design materials, building items as well as construction practices to fulfill all building requirements that have to do with the marine environment. We always make it a point to put all these into consider when designing.

Large Windows

First, the enormous windows present on at least one side of the building to enable occupants to take in the scenery is non-negotiable. When leaving such a home as a coastal house, one of the most important things is the breathtaking view which cannot be forfeited for anything. Meanwhile, the home design is customarily elevated.

This is done to avoid flood issues which is a typical coastal landscape. Pilings, crawl space or slab foundations can be used to accommodate the high elevations. Meanwhile, the space beneath the house is often taken advantage of and used as a car parking area or as a storehouse for other equipment.

Let The Coastal Breeze In

But the warmth and charm of this home go beyond just the windows or the unusual design of their foundation. The coastal house typically features spacious and informal spaces. This feature does not only add to the overall appeal of the home, but it also allows for free movement of fresh air and sea breezes which goes a long way in helping occupants relax and unwind.

Also, wide porches and desk designed out of wood are constant. Who wouldn’t love a beautiful outdoor area to sit and enjoy nature? In the same vein, the main living area is usually raised one level.

This is so that the waterfront views outside can be maximally appreciated from the inside of the house.

Architecture Design Styles Suitable for Beach Homes

Surprisingly, beach house plans have several different sizes and exterior styles in which they come. Some house designs may come in the forms and architectural style of a quaint cottage or a Victorian style.  Others have the structure of luxurious craftsman estate or a single story modern ranch mansion.

Some designs go as far as to incorporate an separate entertainment gazebo where cook-outs may be had.  Some with shower rooms in which individuals can wash the sand and sea salt away from their body before heading indoors.

Therefore Irrespective of where you choose to build your new home, you will find our beach house plans  fit for use.  They presents the perfect designs to build your dream oceanfront home without compromising your needs or exceeding your budget.

Whether what you want, is a residential home for you and family or a secondary lodging for guests.

Our beach house floor plans are designed for you.


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