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9 Quick Ways To Sell Your House

Posted by admin on July 21, 2018
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House view from the sideway.

On average, it takes homeowners five to seven years to sell their home. People who have lived in their home for 30 years or more may not be able to understand why people decide to move. You may get settled in a home and can’t imagine having to sell your house and moving to another house or area.

Reasons why you may decide to sell your house:

  • The house is too small: most people who buy their first home outgrow their so-called starter home. If the family size increases, then the owner will want to get a bigger house.
  • It’s time for an upgrade: people may want to get something better than what they already have. They want to move to a house that is bigger, grander and more expensive.
  • To fix a mistaken purchase: some owners may find out that they made a mistake when purchasing a house they thought they would like. They will want to rectify this by buying a new home. Some may think that it is easy to get by without having a backyard, but now they want a house with a garden. Others find out that having a dining room in the center of their house is annoying. Others might live near an airport and didn’t realize how much planes flying overhead would bother them.
  • If you have a job transfer: when your job is transferred to another city, you will have to deal with moving. For some people, if their job requires them to commute for more than an hour, they will decide they want to move to another house.
  • When there is a change in a personal relationship: if you get married or you decide to move in with a partner, if the two of you are both homeowners, then one may decide to sell. A break up may also make people sell their home. One person may have to buy the other one out if they are able to do so. Otherwise, the home will be sold so that both exes can move. The home may hold bad memories, and it will be easier to make a fresh start.
  • You want to change neighborhoods: you might decide to change neighborhoods if you are not happy where you are or just want to change your surroundings.
  • If you become an empty-nester: when the kids grow up and they move out, then the parents may wish to move to a smaller house. For older people, it is hard to keep a big house, and downsizing is a popular option for people who are retiring.
  • If you want to be near the family: you may want to be closer to your family, especially if you are getting older. Parents will want to be near their grandchildren or children.
  • To keep away from family: some people want to keep harmony in the family, so they will want to stay far away from their relatives. Sometimes it’s best to keep some distance.
  • If you retire: some communities have been designed to attract buyers who are over 55 years old. They are planned communities that have weekend social gatherings, workout facilities, club houses and golf courses. Retirees may want to move to this kind of neighborhood.
  • If you have health problems: people who suffer from back or knee problems will have a hard time climbing the stairs of a two-story house, so they will want to move to a one-story house. Some elderly people may decide to buy a condo or go to an assisted living house.
  • In order to defer maintenance: some people may need to do some big maintenance projects like replacing siding or putting on a new roof. They may find it easier to buy a new home instead. Taking into consideration that a house system may only last 15 years, then people may decide to leave before things start going wrong.
  • If you enjoy home improvement: there are some people who like the idea of fixing up and then selling a home. These people want to spend money, effort and time remodeling, and once they finish remodeling, they feel as if there is nothing left for them to do. They will sell their house and start looking for another one.
  • To get cash: people do not thing that their house is worth anything if the money is not found in the pockets. They wish to have access to the money instead of thinking how much their houses are worth.
  • If you change your lifestyle: you may be tired of having your own home, and you may wish to travel or have fewer responsibilities.
  • Death in the family: the house can be put into a trust or sold in a probate sale. This is to ensure that the trustee of a successor may sell the house without any problem.

Regardless the reason why you want to sell your house, when you put your house on the market, you will want it to sell quickly. The buyers will start looking as soon as your house hits the listing sites, but if you fail to interest them enough, then the listing may grow stale.

9 tips to follow if you wish to sell your house faster:

  1. Use a storage unit when your house is on the market: You do not have to put everything you own into the closet. When someone comes to check out your home, he or she will want to see the storage space. If the area is overstuffed or disorganized, it will be evidence that there is something lacking in your home. It is better if you rent a storage unit and keep things there that you will not need. The rule is to keep only items that you need to use on regular basis and remove all others.
  2. Hire an expert to stage and photograph the house: A professional home stager will see the home from the perspective of the buyers. The right one will understand how he can soften the flaws of the house while highlighting its strengths. The first reason why buyers will decide to visit your home is the photos on the listing.
  3. Find a property agent: Do not hire an agent just because you are fans of the same team or he is a friend. Check if he has a good track record and check how quickly he can sell the house. The property agent should be familiar with selling in your neighborhood. Check the reviews of the real estate agent you are thinking about hiring, and check how they promote their houses online.
  4. Promote the house whenever you can: You should not let the marketing agent do all the marketing work. It is good if you also do your own part. Nearby friends can help you pass the word on, or they may be interested in the house for themselves.
  5. Remove any personalized items from the house: When you remove the memorabilia and photographs, it will be easier for the prospective buyers to imagine themselves in the house. It makes it easy to focus on the features of the home.  Even if the pictures of your baby may look adorable, they will have to come down so that you can sell your house faster. You should also not display art in the house since it may not be attractive to the prospective buyers.
  6. Make some upgrades to the house: even though you should not go overboard, it is good if you try to improve some areas of the house, mostly the bathroom and the kitchen. In this way, you may see some returns from the investment you make. Cabinet hardware, a new sink in the kitchen, light fixtures, hand towels and cabinet handles may not inexpensive, but they will transform the place quickly.  A small upgrade may lead to a big impact.
  7. Brighten the house: When the house looks dark or is poorly light, it will feel depressing and damp. You can brighten up the area through the use of artificial or natural light.  Use light that has the highest wattage to brighten up the entire room.  Painting the house can also brighten up a room. A neutral gray light will provide a brighter and softer palette that makes the room look even larger.  When you do a deep cleaning, it will brighten the light fixtures, windows and baseboards.
  8. Improve the curb appeal: The exterior of your home is the first thing that the professional home stager should work on since it is what the buyer will see when he comes to the listing sites. If the area does not look the best, the buyer will not even check out the interior shots. The yard should be tidied up through shaping or trimming the hedges, edging the lawn, and refreshing the mulch.  You may also paint the shutters.  Everything on the house will matter, including the brass found on the front door.
  9. Sell your house when it is the right season: Summer and spring are the right time for you to consider to sell a home. If it is possible to wait until this time, then you may consider this.  However, you should also remember that since many sellers will be putting their house on the market, then the buyers may be pickier.  You have to also determine the right price for your home. Start by doing research about the prices in the area, getting the listing price from the agents, and getting advice on how you can negotiate.