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6 Bedroom House Plans

6 bedroom house plans are a popular choice among larger families.  Families with older children will also find 6 bedroom floor plans attractive.  This is because a 6 bedroom home will provide ample space, privacy and comfort to have the whole family live under one roof on a daily basis. 

Popular 6 Bedroom Floor Layout

Spaces and rooms that are normally featured in a 6 bedroom house are the following: shared or en-suite bathrooms, lounge, dining room, living room, family den, kitchen, scullery, pantry, laundry, patio/ verandah, 2 or more garages and lastly, the bedrooms.  In a single storey floor plan, the living areas would be separated from the bedrooms.  Bedrooms are also set in such a way as to retain their privacy. 

In a similar way, the kitchen, scullery and laundry areas are also set to enhance those functional spaces.  Usually there would be access from the garages into the scullery.  Another door would lead outside from the scullery or kitchen into a courtyard.  

In double storey 6 bedroom floor plans, the bedrooms are usually placed on the first floor.  A family den or pyjama lounge would also be found on the first floor.  

Finding The Best 6 Bedroom House Designs

Our 6 bedroom house plans also come in different sizes and architecture design styles.  Sizes of 6 bedroom homes can vary from about 400 to about 700m2.  Here the plan’s footprint could be a decisive factor for most buyers. Double storey 6 bedroom homes have an added advantage of covering a smaller footprint than a single storey 6 bedroom house.  

Our house plans come in different design styles such Tuscan, Bali, traditional, modern and contemporary architecture design styles.

Browse this collection of popular 6 bedroom modern house designs and get ready to start building your dream house.

Browse various architecture design styles to find a house plans that suits your requirements.  All house plans in this collection can be amended to suit any specification. 

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