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5 Reasons To Convert To Solar Energy

Posted by admin on November 4, 2015
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Solar Panel for Energy Generation

Solar Energy Usage is Here To Stay

As the environment becomes increasingly jeopardized and the costs of energy continue to skyrocket, many people today are turning to solar power as opposed to fossil fuels to power their homes and workplaces. Below are five reasons why you too should begin saving up for solar energy right away. Be a trendsetter and do your part in setting off the clean energy revolution in your area today; You can start by harvesting solar energy. From your house plans design to a completed home, energy considerations should be high on your list, and here is why:

1. Environmental Benefits

Solar energy is great not only for us but for the environment as well. The most commonly recognized benefit of solar energy is the fact that it is a green, clean energy source that pollutes much less than virtually every other conventional energy source. Solar energy does not result in the production of harmful emissions, greenhouse gases, and neither does it pollute water or any other aspects of nature. In addition, solar energy is almost self sufficient and requires only a little water to function.

You can use solar power to heat or cool your home, without producing any impact on the global climate. On the other hand, electricity that is generated in power plants tends to produce carbon dioxide emissions that scientists have highlighted as posing serious threats to the environment.

Solar energy is also infinitely renewable. While the nonrenewable energy sources such as gas, oil and coal are increasingly becoming scarce, the energy from the sun is limitless. Wherever the sun shines its light, we can generate electricity.

2. Financial Benefits

Solar power systems enable you to capture free sunlight and thereafter convert it into energy that you can use in the home. Solar energy will make you independent – once and for all, of electrical prices. Keep in mind that the price for electricity will typically vary through the day. In the middle of the day, prices tend to be more expensive, as well as in the early hours of evening. This is because power plants generally create a relatively steady electricity output. Therefore prices rise and fall through the entire day, based upon the changes in demand. Investing in solar energy will enable you to avoid these price rises as you get to benefit from cheap energy the whole day through and meet the same monthly costs for the installed system until it’s paid off completely.
When you install a system to create solar power, you end up using less electricity from the utility company, thereby enabling you to enjoy reduced heating and cooling costs. This is a significant fact, especially when you take into account the fact that almost half the amount of energy used in typical homes results from heating and cooling.
Investing in solar energy can also significantly increase the value of your home, due to its ability to reduce the costs of heating and cooling. Some surveys have revealed that the value of a home rises by an average of twenty times for every reduction in annual utility bills. Having installed a good solar power system is a very attractive selling point for any home. Even if you don’t plan on ever selling your home, when you invest in solar energy, you are guaranteed to continue enjoying clean, reliable and economical power in your home for about 25 years or more.
Some states also offer tax credits for renewable-energy systems. Find out from your utility company whether you may be eligible for incentives in the area that you live. In some states, it is possible to push back extra solar energy to the grid and sell it to the power plant. In this way, you are able to enjoy an source of additional income from solar that also makes you money.
If and when your solar power system requires replacement, you have the peace of mind of knowing you can replace it with improved technology at a lower price as this is the trend with new solar technologies: they keep getting better yet more affordable. The efficient solar power systems available today will typically pay for themselves within 5 years of purchase. What this means is that you are guaranteed energy that is virtually free of charge following your first five years or so of use.

aluminium vs wooden, doors and windows, house plan windows material

The Elegance – Patio enclosed with Aluminium Doors

3. Lifestyle Benefits

The sun has been with us for billions of years and chances are it will keep burning for a billion more years to come. It’s therefore rather obvious that the future of solar energy is a bright one. With solar energy, you are able to enjoy the benefits of electricity, even when the electricity has gone out due to bad weather or other reasons.
The more sunlight you harness with your solar energy system, the less electricity you require from your utility supplier. When there are many people generating solar energy, the likelihood of experiencing blackouts reduces significantly. If every house had solar cells on it, it would function as a mini-power plant, thereby providing us with improved grid security in the event of natural or human-caused disasters. Solar power systems are also durable. Solar panels do not have any moving parts, which means that they are not as easily damaged. As such, this reduces the chances for an interruption of the energy supply.
One of the biggest myths about solar energy is that it can only work when the sun is present, therefore you risk suffering a power outage during the night. This is false. Most solar power providers keep you constantly connected to the power grid. During morning and afternoon hours when the majority of people are off at work, the solar power system will generate more electricity power than the home uses. This excess in electricity will be pushed back to the grid, which literally will cause the electricity meter to begin spinning backwards. During the evening when the sun is going down, you can use the energy that is credited from the backwards spinning meter. This excess in energy will not expire as it is quite similar to calling minutes that roll over.

4. National Benefits

Solar energy is a good reason to make use of land that is underutilized. Most countries have large amounts of land that are particularly located away from the capitals and big cities, and this land is not used for any purpose. Solar energy allows for the use of such underutilized land, while simultaneously generating great value. This way, we are not forced to utilize spaces that would be more appropriate for other uses.
Solar energy also aids in economic growth and the creation of jobs. The biggest part of your solar power costs will be taken up by the installment of the solar panels and solar cells. However, this money will go into paying the salaries of other people. And with more people using solar energy, there will be more people required for the installation and maintenance of the solar panels, thereby boosting the mutual national economy.
When we use oil, coal and natural gases to generate electricity, we are typically using energy from other parts of the world. On the other hand, solar energy would benefit the national economy as the electricity that comes from your solar panels is purely domestic. The longer the distance the energy has to be transported, the more energy that is wasted on the way. Having our source of energy on our roofs will significantly reduce the amount of energy that we currently lose.

5. Away with Coal!

By making the smart choice of switching to clean, green energy from the sun, you will be doing your part in reducing the addiction of your state to fossil fuels. This would be a very positive move for your country both in ecological and financial terms. The less fossil fuels we utilize, the less the country has to pay other countries for oil.
The move towards solar energy will help put the final nail in the coal industry’s coffin once and for all. Virtually every single aspect of mining, processing and burning coal is bad for humans, other living things and the environment at large. Clean coal – whether or not it is achievable – is still years away and will be very expensive. That is not the answer to our energy needs – clean, renewable energy is.
It is time to begin an orderly phasing out process so as to protect the environment and provide workers in the energy industry with a smooth transition when migrating to green tech, along with the right support. You can install your solar energy system now and help transform the fossil fuel industry into a fossil itself by going green.
Is there anything cooler than having the sun power your home? Solar energy is a smart, responsible and economical choice that has so many other great benefits. Choosing solar is making the choice to leave the world a better place than we found it for the generations to come. Homeowners around the world are now seeing the solar light and know that the future of energy lies in clean, renewable energy. By converting to solar power now, you would be keeping yourself a step ahead of the rest.  Most governments are now enforcing a strict code to ensure energy efficiency.  This is achieved by setting out stringent measure from home design to submission of house plans to municipalities and right through to the final inspections of built structures.

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