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5 Bathroom Design & Remodeling Ideas on a Budget

Posted by admin on July 23, 2018

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Inexpensive ways to upgrade your bathroom

If you want to update your home, then a simple bathroom renovation can change the look of the house.  When you remodel just the things in the bathroom that are outdated then the whole look of the room can change. Even if you’re staying in your home and not looking to sell, you still need your home updated from time to time.

Why you should remodel your bathroom: 

Increase the value: when you remodel your bathroom, you will be able to add space where you can store more and have more room to get ready. Remember to renovate with trends people like that are timeless in mind so you will have décor that is considering modern if you do decide to sell.

Improved efficiency: through changing the aerators, faucets or adding an instant water heater, you will be able to save money on the energy you use.

bathroom vanity ideas bathroom remodel bathroom renovations bathroom upgrades renovate bathroom nethouseplansCreate an oasis: when you design your bathroom, you can add things that make you happy and better suit your needs. You can use textures and colors to help you relax and to take away the stress of a long hard day.

Reduce the clutter: through renovating the bathroom, you will be able to increase the storage capacity using a smart design when installing new cabinetry. You should keep in your mind that the space will need to keep medicines, toiletries, cleaners and towels.  You can reduce the amount of things cluttering the back of the toilet and the sink when you add more storage space and shelving.  

Remodeling of the bathroom can transform your space in something new and fresh you can enjoy. Having the same décor and style in your bathroom for years can get stale. It’s always good to give yourself a change. The bathroom will go from being outdated to a luxurious, clean and modern space.  If you don’t have that much storage space in your bathroom, then remodeling may help you to get better organized. After the renovation, you will have plenty of rooms for toiletries, towels, and even a space for a laundry basket. A bathroom remodel can turn your bathroom into your own personal spa.  

You can hire a professional to help you remodel your bathroom. Having a professional involved will help you stay on track with your budget and time.  If you have the capacity to do it on your own, then you may get the contractor who will guide you.  A contractor will help you plan your renovation and help you be realistic in your goals.  

Being realistic means knowing if you have a small bathroom you can’t turn it into a huge luxury bathroom without getting into other parts of your home. If you have an issue with the layout, then you may need more money to finish it. When you go through the process, making a plan you can actually accomplish will help keep you from being disappointed in the end result. Even if an amazing transformation is possible, remodeling will not be easy.  You can discuss your plans with your contractor or whoever is helping you with the remodel and work out what you can realistically make happen with the space you have and your budget.

bathroom renovations renovate bathroom ideas Project manager on house building construction meeting engineer's lanscape architect architects blueprints floorplanner house plans south africa on site meetings quantity surveyor valuation property planner estimatorDo the homework

Something that is important when looking at remodeling your bathroom is to research the material, the remodel, and if you’re using a contractor, research them as well. While getting quotes from contractors keep in mind that choosing the lowest quote will not always mean the best outcome. The best contractors can communicate and be professional.   If you cannot get in touch with them easily or if you’re having a problem getting them to respond, then this is a red flag. This could be a sign you might not be able to depend on them to come in and complete the job. The last thing you need is someone who will leave you hanging.

Besides researching the contractor, you will want to read up on what’s required for the remodel and the steps you need to take. Check if the plumbing will need to be reworked and how long it will take to finish the bathroom. Consider if there are any complex steps which will make the process last longer. You should then research about the accessories, fixtures, and materials you should use. The fixtures may look great while in the store, but you have to also consider how it will look once installed.  It should hold up for many years no matter how much you use it.

vanity renovate your bathroom bathroom ideas bathroom design bathroom remodel Nethouseplans bathroom tiles5 Cheap and Easy Hacks to Improve Your Bathroom

  1. Start by painting the bathroom: you can use the paint roller and be sure that each layer hasdried completely before you add another one. Some paint can dry in two hours, however, you should check the paint can for how long it will take. If you don’t wait, the paint will not be cured correctly and can turn bumpy or sticky. You’ll have to wait for the last coat after installing the tubs, sinks, shelves and cabinets.
  2. Add the tile with the new flooring when the paint has dried. This can include the backsplash tile over a sink for a nice accent. If you aren’t redoing your floor you will want to lay a plastic tarp down to protect it while you paint.
  3. Install the showers, tubs, sinks and toilets. You may need to hire a plumber so he can do this for you. If you have to change the shower, tub, sink and toilet.  When these things are being installed in your bathroom you should caulk its edges so that the moisture cannot seep inside. When you fail to caulk these fixtures, then water can get inside and lead to mildew.
  4. Install new towel rods, cabinets and shelves. You can add these items in any place you want, while keeping in mind that they should be where they can be reached easily.
  5. Install the faucets and new lights: Replacing a faucet can update the look of your whole sink.

How to save with bathroom remodeling

While planning for the new bathroom, you may be dreaming about having wall to wall tiles, European hardware or another extravagant fixture, but you may not be able to afford it.   You should be able to dream up your perfect bathroom within your budget once you establish what that is.

Do some things on your own:

If you want to install a mosaic shower, remember it is important to get rid of the existing fixtures. You may hire a professional to do only the important parts and you may do some things on your own. You can do the teardown on your own, so you can keep money you would spend on the demolition to spend in other parts of the bathroom.

It’s important to get the best tools.  You will need an old claw hammer, prybar, large crowbar and sledgehammer. You should also get information about where the electrical wires and the water pipes are in the bathroom so you can avoid them. After demolishing, you should get a dumpster or you can hire a hauling service to take the debris away.

Visit the recycling center

You can find recycled or lightly used fixtures with building materials at a low cost compared to how much you spend buying new fixtures.  You can find anything you want used such as tiles, faucets, tubs, laminate flooring, and double hung windows. 

bathroom ideas bathroom design nethouseplans bathroom renovations vanity renovate toilet renovationsAdd more lights but not holes

 You may think that you need a skylight or window to increase the light in the bathroom but those cost more than just adding light.  You can add a solar tube or sun tube which is the ingenious device you can install from the rafters in the attic. This will funnel natural sunlight into the bathroom.  

Use the Subway tiles

 If you want to use mosaic tile that has a pewter accent, you will pay a little bit more for it. It will add a nice look to your bathroom if you decided to splurge on the walls.  Subway tiles are simple and clean and cheap compared to other materials you may use.

Paint the bathroom on your own

After installing everything in the bathroom, you can even save more through limiting the tiles you use in the bathroom and paint other areas instead.   You may also add texture and warmth by adding faux beadboard and wainscot in bathroom.

renovate bathroom, building plans, floor plans, shower, bath tub, toilet, floor tiles

New Bathroom

Even if your bathroom is the smallest room in your house, remodeling is not going to be a small project. There are cases where you might need to knock out the cast iron, concrete, and plaster. If you want to save money you may only replace the plumbing fixtures that need it. If you put the tub, sink, and toilet in the same place, it will save you from having to pay for a plumber to install drainage for the new ones. 

If you want to change the color of the bathroom, you should go for the wheat, browns and greens since they are soothing colors that can still make a statement. Buying modern faucets, door hardware, and contemporary fixtures, can update the bathroom. Zinc alloy and solid brass are not hard to clean, and they last for a long time. While you’re updating your bathroom it’s a good idea to install some sustainable elements. It’s easy to update some of the things to be eco-friendlier and do your part for the environment.



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