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3 Bedroom house plans vs 4 bedroom house plans

Posted by admin on September 2, 2018

3 bedroom or 4 bedroom house designs – Decided Yet?

Are you having the dilemma of choosing between 3 bedroom house plans or 4 bedroom house designs? Well, there is no need to get nervous. There are numerous and different 3 bedrooms and 4 bedroom house plans with photos to decide on. This may help narrow your decision to the desired configuration.

Additionally, whether you are relocating into a new house, constructing one or just want to get inspired about how to get either a 3 or a 4 bedroom house plan, it is quite useful to observe the 3-D floor plans of both options. This will help show you the differences that both options can offer in terms of looks and space.

More Bedrooms or More Space?

A 3 bedroom house plan can be more suitable for a young family yet enable your desires to entertain guests. Find yourself a suitable 3 bedroom house plan from the numerous pictures shared by designers. If you are finding it to be a difficult task, you have the ultimate decision of showcasing your preferred 3 bedroom house plan. For instance, figure 1 showcases a 3 bedroom house plan.

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3 Bedroom House Plan by Nethouseplans

From the above floor plan representing the 3 bedroom house plan, you can see there is a modern feel to its design. Such 3 bedroom house plans reveal a small open but operational kitchen area. It opens up to the living room and dining room which is a great idea for a family that would love to entertain their visitors. You don’t have to feel out of place and isolated in your kitchen when the guests and the party is happening in the living room.

Large Family?

Additionally, 3 bedroom house plans with photos (3D Floor plan) allow you to have an elevated outlook of how the 3 bedroom house will look like from above. For instance, in figure 2 the 3 bedroom house plan with photos showcases a house design with a porch which adds up the elegance of the 3 bedroom house plan.

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Figure 1 – 3 Bedroom House Plan (3D Floor Plan) By Nethouseplans

Find Your 4 Bedroom House Design with Nethouseplans

Looking for a 4 bedroom house plan that is suitable for you from an array of 4 bedroom house designs with photos as well as an array of house plan designs drawn by various designers? 4-bed room house designs are mainly about getting ample space and flexibility that can cater joint families and frequent guests. There are various 4 bedroom house plans with photos that showcase the 4 bedroom floor plans. The floor plans can be drawn promptly and easily using the Room Sketcher and it allows you to equip and decorate the 4 bedroom house plan.

Generally, 4 bedroom house plans are meant for huge households.  Families that are ready to host huge events and quite a number of guests. If you have a family of only 3 you may also opt for a 4-bedroom house plan. This would provide a huge amount of space for every member of the family.

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