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13 cheap ways to decorate your house

Posted by admin on August 4, 2018

Home Decoration without Breaking The Bank

There are people who had been born with eyes for design and decorating. Others take time to learn such skills so that they can use it in their home decoration endeavors. Some do not have any idea of what they are supposed to do, and therefore, getting the basic ideas of how home decoration can be done successfully can help them out.

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Modern livingroom.

Good news is that there are decorating principles and rules that can be applied by anyone to any home design and interior design project.


  • Odd numbers: You may be aware of this rule which is mainly used in photography. Creating design patterns using odd numbers is a foundation of creating harmony with a visual interest. In home decoration, objects or details which had been grouped into odd numbers, may look effective, memorable and appealing compared to those that are in even numbers. Items should also have varying textures, shapes and heights. This means that things you display should have something in common but at the same time, each one should be different in its own way.
  • Decide on the focal point of your room: The focal point of a room should also be the most emphasized feature. It is the thing that will catch the eye naturally when someone enters into the room. Everything near the focal point has to compliment to this. In case you had been lost on how you want to decorate the room, then you should identify the focal point and start from there. If the room does not have its own focal point, then you may come up with one.
  • Measurement in home decoration: If it is about hanging the curtains and arranging the furniture, measurements should be used to eliminate any undue excess or shortages of any home décor items.
  • Layer the lighting: Before you start to decorate, it is good if you learn about the three basics in lighting. The ambient is also known as general lighting. It is an overhead lighting that can illuminate the entire room. Task lighting is the lighting which should light for you if you are doing a certain task. The lamp found in a living room, can light the reading place. Under the cabinet light found in the kitchen, may serve like the task lights for the countertops. Accent lighting décor will give the room a certain dimension since it highlights a certain object. Using different lighting in one room, it will give the room different dimension. You may start using ambient lighting in every room and add accent or task lighting.
  • Cluster the candles: The candles look their best if they are massed in a certain place such as coffee tables. You may group five or four pillars of one color in the glass containers which have different heights.
  • Mix the patterns: Regardless of the season, the bedroom can look like it is during spring if there are pillowcases and floral sheets which are paired with the crisp white linens. You may pick up the patterns using white backgrounds in order to keep the floors looking harmonious. You may then drape the bedside tables with the vintage floral tablecloth or using white matelasse runner.
  • Bring outdoors inside: You may lend an earthy vibe into the coat rack which has been made with the materials that you generally find outdoors. You may use the polyurethane based glue like gorilla glue to attach some stones on each end of the wooden drawer knob or screw each knob in a wood plank.
  • Repurpose the furniture: The rickety seating may easily be given the second life like the bedside table. In case the caning has a hole, you may place a tray over the chair in order to hold the alarm clock or sometimes a reading lamp.
  • Pump up colors: Perk up the dull room using vibrant hits of the color that look as if they are green. Even if the place may be accessorized using another shade, adding something like a green blossom into the room may change how it looks.
  • Showcase a certain collection: In some months, if the fireplace is not being lit, you may use it to display a vase collections or any other thing you may own. You can gather the pieces and stay in the simple palette using different shapes and heights.
  • Amplify the space: Tight space may look roomier when you add some large mirrors. This is a classic home decoration trick that will create an illusion of more square footage.
Home decor wall decor interior design kitchen decor interior decoration home decoration Nethouseplans

Living Room Decor

13 Home decoration ideas you can do without spending too much

  1. Canvas the place: You can hang a painted canvas on the interior against your latest painted walls so that it brighten up the blank walls. It is important that the canvas fill the greater part of the wall.


  1. Make a side table: You may stack the modular storage unit to make the stepped side tables and you may use its surface to display the lighting decor with other items. You can create miniature cubes where you may stack reading materials that you use often.


  1. Hang plates: Plates that are made in the unexpected color can be used to make the fresh wall arrangement. They can have different textures and sizes and a somewhat dramatic plate can then be put into the center. The wire plate hangers may be used to hang the plates or they may be hanged on picture nails.


  1. Lighten up the wicker: Having the inexpensive wicker which may look as it belongs outside it will change the mood wherever it is used. The chairs may be put into a sunny corner alone or they can be mixed with different upholstered pieces.


  1. Make own art: You can use photocopied art or you can make your own art. For example if you use the wall color which shows into the glass, it can create an illusion of the custom mat.


  1. Try crafting: You can try to use the mittens, which do not have the mates. You may cut the backing of a frame. You may use the craft in order to glue the felt together. The mitten should be centered on the felt and it will be glued down. It should be left for the night to be dried.


  1. Go natural: You will use the shells with item from the beach so that they may warm up the stairwells, entryway and kitchen. They can be created a relaxed and rustic atmosphere.


  1. Develop visual items: You can add the lamp shade and the eye chart with the ribbon glue.


  1. Fake headboard: This requires easy an painting job, you can create the headboard over the bed.
  2. Hang up the photos: You can mine the album you own to see the best photos such as vacation, birthday parties and wedding. Put them into identical frames. You can hang them on the tight grid over a long line. You cannot do anything wrong if you decide on a certain geometric arrangement.
  3. Reflect the style you like: Define the space to become the foyer. You can use a mirror which will add light and drama to the house. You can use also hand me down using spray paint and one coast.
  4. Use shades of different colors: Lamp shades in different colors make up the bold statement. You may limit the color to just one for each room and then select shades that are in the neutral tones like white and parchment.
  5. Stack the books: Where there are pilled books, they will draw the attention. When the shelves are not too high or too deep so that they may accommodate the oversized books, you may stack them over a flat surface like end tables or bench.

Home Decor for each room in your home

You should keep in mind that your home office will not be decorated in the same way as the family room or bedroom. You can help your home decoration project by using different techniques for each room.

  • The living room:

This is a room which is dedicated for family living where the family can gather to play, socializing and entertainment and study. When it comes to decorating this room, you have to come up with a focal point and create a homely space. You can decorate using area rugs, lighting and art with other accessories.

  • The bedroom decoration:

You spend at least a third of your entire life in the bedroom. This is why you have to be careful when it comes to deciding how you decorate this room. After choosing the bed with other furniture you will need in the bedroom, you may consider other extra decorating items. You should consider the lighting and the choice of the colors you use in the bedroom decoration.

  • The kiddies bedroom:

For the bedroom of your children, you may come up with the theme for the rooms of the girls, or the boys.

  • Decorating the bathroom:

You may use decoration to make your master bath into an elegant spa. You may use the designing ideas for the bathroom which include sophisticated or soft items like accessories, lighting, mirrors, sink, tile and cabinets. If the bathroom is small, you may need to get the decorating the bathroom items which can make it to feel larger or to look larger.

  • Decorate the kitchen:

It can be expensive to remodel the kitchen. That is why you have to be careful while coming with your plan. You can decorate the kitchen by giving it fresh coat of paint, changing the hardware on the cabinet, freshening up the paint and changing the faucets or sinks.

It is therefore evident above that home decoration can be kept simple and yet yield the desired result.


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