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These terms and conditions, together with any agreement referred herein shall constitute an agreement between the user of the website and or services (“User”, “Client” or “Purchaser”) and (“NHP” or “”).  These terms and conditions and/or agreement shall supersede any prior or post understanding or agreements, whether oral or written, and may only be modified in writing and signed by both parties. These terms and conditions shall be read in conjunction with the Frequently Asked Questions found elsewhere on the website. 
All house plans/building plans/architectural designs/home plans/house floor plans/brick wall house plans/blueprints/drawings/picture and content in this website are property of
Copyright is reserved to in terms of South African Laws & Regulations and ALL International Treaty and Trade provisions. Only the purchaser of a house plan is allowed to build one house at only one time unless otherwise stated in writing from Any purchased house plans/building plans/architectural designs/ home plans/ house floor plans/blueprints/ drawings or part thereof cannot be copied and/or reproduced by any means and for any reason other than for purposes of building the house for which the plans have been purchased for.  All rights reserved.
At we have made extensive efforts to provide our clients with products and services that are precise in detail and beneficial to the client. However, due to variations in local, regional and state applications of building codes and requirements, individual preferences, geographical and topography conditions of individual sites, building materials and because we are not contracted for any site inspection or supervision of the works, disclaim all warranties and liabilities, of any kind whether express or implied arising from the use of our house plans/building plans/architectural designs/home plans/house floor plans/brick wall house plans/blueprints/drawings, documentation and content on our website and for all services and/or lack thereof obtained by any user or purchaser of products and services.  Due to the use of third parties including postal agencies, disclaims any liability, express or implied or for any damages, consequential, incidental, direct or indirect as a result of the use of such agencies.  In the event of any liability being imposed on’s liability to the purchaser or any third party shall not exceed the price paid directly for’s products by any such agency and/or purchaser.
While at we make every effort to ensure accuracy of information in our house plans/building plans/architectural designs/home plans/house floor plans/ blueprints/drawings, we reserve the right to make corrections on our plans and content without any liability, consequential or otherwise.  All plans, information, documentation received from is provided as a guide only and therefore it is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure the accuracy, fitness of purpose and statutory requirements of any information, plan and/or content obtained from  While special care is taken by, actual house plans/building plans/architectural designs/home plans/house floor plans/blueprints/ drawings may vary with the corresponding pictures/elevations shown on our website and as a result, disclaim any liability arising from such discrepancies.

While at we make every effort to ensure accuracy of information in our house plans/building plans/architectural designs/ home plans/ house floor plans/ blueprints/ drawings, plans on this site do not have a Local Authority, Architectural or Engineering signature, seal or stamp of approval. In some cases, plans may require certain modifications or further information in order to comply with local conditions. Customers are hereby given permission to consult a local authority officer, architectural and/or engineering practitioner prior to purchasing plans on our website and before commencement of construction, in order to ensure compliance with all local building regulations, town planning and other applicable statutory laws. The customer undertakes to consult only SACAP (or any such relevant institutions) registered persons for such modifications.
Plans on this site are designed by, architects, technologists and draughtsmen employed or subcontracted to and they provide a general layout, design intent, and concepts for your builder to construct the house, however, In some cases the plans may not include all or relevant details that may be required by yourself, local authority, engineer or your specific builder and therefore You shall undertake to advise your architect, technologist, draughtsman, engineer and/or builder that the plans are not complete in every detail, and may require additional drawings or details to build the house in as much as your specific local requirements are concerned.
Drawings may include some items, schedules, sections, details, notes, sizes and specifications which were drawn from original schematics. However, due to the wide variety of local regulations, various manufactures, human errors, etc. these references are for information only and do not represent an endorsement or recommendation by The customer, his local architect, draughtsman, engineer and/or builder are therefore responsible for the final selection and installation of all materials used in the construction of the house.

Plan Modifications 

The user agrees that any modification that may be undertaken to the plans designed by or agents does not alter the fact that continues to own the copyright.
All modification work undertaken by NHP on behalf of the User is limited to the conditions stated above. Such modifications shall be deemed to be final, complete and acceptable to the User after 24 hours have passed after physical or electronic copies of the plans have been delivered without any written notice to the contrary.   Plan Modifications will also be deemed to be final, complete and acceptable to the User who collects such plans from NHP’s offices once collection/delivery documents have been signed by the User or his representative who collects them. Drawing revisions requested after this final delivery date are considered additional services. The purchaser undertakes to abide and conform to their local Homeowner’s Association and Local/statutory Authority requirements.  The Purchaser agrees to have read and understood all building and architectural requirements imposed by his local authority and/or Homeowner’s Association prior to purchasing the plans and shall not in any way impose such responsibility and/or obligation to comply with such requirements on  All revisions and modifications to plans required by Homeowner Associations and/or local building department are not included as part of the modification services as requested by the purchaser and shall, where provided, be billed as additional services. Architectural services to make changes for compliance with local building codes will be charged as additional services.

Payment for modifications is due at the time of ordering such modifications unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. Payments due to NHP and unpaid under this agreement shall bear interest from thirty (30) days after the date of Invoice at 8.5% per month. shall withhold the release of any drawings and/or any contract documents, if payment on invoices is not received on time. If the scope of the project or modifications is changed materially, the fees for modifications shall be adjusted accordingly.

The modifications agreement may be terminated by either party upon seven (7) days written notice. If the termination is by the user no refund of payment will be made by NHP regardless of the time that lapse between entering into the agreement by both parties and the time of such termination. If the termination is by NHP, a partial refund can be offered. Any such partial refunds to the Client shall be calculated at the sole discretion of NHP and shall not include any amounts paid for the original drawings purchased from NHP by the user. Notwithstanding All other provisions in these terms and conditions, Plans on our website were created to comply with the South African National Building Regulations and other statutory requirements.

In case of Downtime

Due to the nature of server provision, repairs, system mal-function, downtime and lost transmissions may occur.  The User undertakes to allow NHP unlimited time to undertake the necessary maintenance to resolve such downtime and/or malfunction/s. As a result, and in the event of any query arising therefore, the User undertakes to allow NHP enough time to undertake such repairs as may be necessary, without prejudice and/or liability. Furthermore, the User will provide proof for such downtime, including but not limited to dates and times in order to enable NHP to resolve any such queries that may arise. Notwithstanding the above, the User agrees to enter into this agreement at his own risk and consents that there shall be no liability, refunds or compensation for any such downtime.

The SANS 204 and SABS 10400 requirements are also not included.  It is the responsibility of the customer to fulfill these requirements in line with the geographical zoning applicable to the location of the site/stand.

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