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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How to place an order
  • Inclusions and exclusions in the package
  • Modifications/changes in house plan
  • Request for different format or version of house plan/Availability of Study Plan
  • Choosing the right format or version when planning to customize
  • Quantity requirement for plans and blueprints
  • Policies and restriction of the house plan/Copyright Law
  • Consultation
  • Payment Security
  • Our Location
  • Common Symbols and Terminology
  • How to compute footage or square meter
  • What is not included in your plans?
  • Disclaimer


How to place an order

Q: I have seen a house plan that I like, how do I place an order?
A:  Ordering is easy. Simply browse through our wide variety of House Plans/building plans/architectural designs/ home plans/ house floor plans/ blueprints/ drawings. Once you find a plan that you like. You can place the order on that page using our online shopping cart by clicking on “BUY” and following all the prompts or you can use one of the alternative methods below.
1. Give Us a Call:
Call one of our representatives on:
Tel. (+27)84-011-7761 or (+27) 87 721 6416
Monday -Friday
8:00am - 4:00pm South African Time.
2. Email Us:

Once you have placed an order for one of our plans, you will be well on your way to building your dream home! Please note that we also offer custom house designing for that all-exclusive house that you’ve been dreaming about.

All purchase orders must be accompanied by a proof of bank deposit for the total amount charged prior to plans being mailed to you. Our banking details are as follows:
First National Bank
Sunninghill Branch 
Br Code – 251650
Acc No. - 62176338476  
International Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ 
Inclusions and exclusions in the package
Q: What Do I get when I buy a house plan from
A: The contents of each house plan package are different, However all plans will include detailed,
High-quality working drawings. This includes the following:


These are photo-real 3D Visuals of the completed exterior views of the house.  This shows you how the house will look once built – This can be downloaded from the website.


These drawings contains a bird’s eye view of each floor layout – showing all walls, rooms, doors, windows, dimensions, drainage, notes and details of material items. It also provides references to other sections and components located elsewhere on the plans


These Plans show the sides of the house normally when viewed from all 4 sides – North, South, East and West.  The external treatment of walls, exterior materials and finishes is also shown. These drawings give notes and details to drainage components and vertical dimensions of the structure.  Corbelling details and roofing notes are also elaborated. All other specific and unique details to the plan in question are indicated here.


A cross-section shows a sliced view of the entire structure taken at specific points.  Large-scale views show sections or cuttings of the foundations, ground level, staircases, walls, floors and roof details. Additional cross-sections may show important details which may otherwise be hidden in the deepest layers of a structure.  Sections show how different components interconnect to form a solid and monolithic outcome that becomes a dwelling house.  In some cases a large scaled drawing may be necessary to illustrate the interconnectedness of even the smaller components of the building which then translates to the builder and other building consultants what the structure is made of. 


This plan provides suggested positions of electrical switches, plugs, lighting, outlets, etc. A layout is provided for each floor level, each room, garage and the exterior. NB. The electrician is responsible for the designs and reticulation of all circuits, wiring and all engineering details of the entire system.


These are included in the respective Floor plans and Elevation diagrams. Their details and notes are also specified here. 


This plan shows an overview of the roof configuration.  Roof valleys, ridges, Overhangs and Angles are shown.  The specifications and details of roofing materials to be used are also detailed.
Q:What is not included in your plans?  


These shows the location of the house in relation to you specific site (plot or stand). The Natural contours are normally shown in these plans showing the contrast between the gradient of the ground levels and the proposed structure. These include the position of service connections that are prescribed for your site.
NB. For a relatively small fee a local Architect or Draughtsman can be appointed to produce a Site Plan for you.


In some specific structural situations (i.e. In Double storey houses, unstable soils or complex foundations and roofing), an engineer’s certificate or seal is required prior to submitting the plans to your local authorities. This document contains proof that a licensed structural engineer has been appointed by the homeowner to undertake any testing or specification of appropriate measures to ensure the integrity of the entire structural system.
NB. Where necessary and after you have purchased your plans from, you can then appoint a local engineer of your choice who will also undertake any site visits and quality control during construction of your house. Also remember that a final engineer’s Certificate of Completion will be required once building is completed and prior to obtaining an Occupation Certificate that allows you to occupy your house. This Completion Certificate is issued by the engineer once he has satisfied himself that the construction was undertaken in accordance with his initial specifications.


Local Authorities are there to regulate and control the ever densification and development of cities and local residential areas.  This is done by means of various building and zoning regulations and codes.  Therefore, you will be required to submit your plans to your SPECIFIC local building and/or planning authority.  Each local Authority operates on similar National Building Regulations but has certain specific local requirements that need to be satisfied before permission can be granted to build a house.  So in satisfying these requirements, one needs to be aware of the specific requirements and fees payable to the relevant local authorities/councils.  These requirements vary considerably from one local authority to the next, and it is best to approach YOUR relevant local authority to ascertain these requirements.  The SANS 204 and SANS 10400 requirements are also not included. It is the responsibility of the customer to fulfill these requirements in line with the geographical zoning applicable to the location of the site/stand. 
NB. For a relatively small fee a local Architect or Draughtsman can be appointed to undertake any minor requests by your local authority and/or the SANS 204 and SANS 10400 requirements.
Q: Do you include a materials cost estimate or bill of quantity (BOQ) in your plans?
A: Building prices varies enormously and depends on various factors such as prices charged for material and labour in your area and other conditions that exist in your local area. Because of this, our best advice is to check with builders and hardware stores in your area. However, a more accurate indication of building costs for your house can always be obtained by contracting a Quantity Surveyor. As a result does not provide this service.
Modifications/changes in house plan
Q: I've found a house plan I like, but there are a couple of things I'd like to change. What can I do?
A: Once you’ve found the house plan/building plans/architectural designs/ home plans/ house floor plans/ blueprints/ drawings that you prefer and would like us to undertake some minor amendments, just email us the request to amend the plans for you – Do not forget to include the plan number when emailing.  If the amendments are minor will not charge you any additional fee. The only requirement is that you would have to pay the listed price of the plan prior to such amendments being implemented.  Due to the variance in geographical locations of our clients and the specific requirements by various local authorities, a local architect or draughtsman might be necessary to include some specific site information and a Site Plan to the completed set of plans obtained from  This is facilitated by a digital copy of the plans that is posted together with the plans. This CAD file can then be taken to your local architect or draughtsman for such amendments.  Most architects and draughtsmen use CAD based software and will have no difficulty opening and amending your plans.  What is more interesting is that even after you’ve appointed and paid the architect or draughtsman for such work, the total cost of your house plans will still be far less than if you’d have used the same architect or draughtsman to design your house from scratch.  NB. As from 1 July 2006, ALL persons practicing architecture in South Africa or submitting house plans/building plans/architectural designs/ home plans/ house floor plans/ blueprints/ drawings to a Local Authority must be registered with will issue a SACAP form for every plan purchased from us.  Please ensure that any architect or draughtsman you intend to use for any amendments to your plans is registered with SACAP and provides a high quality in architectural services as
Q: How much will the plan modifications cost me?
A: All plan modifications must first be assessed for feasibility prior to a cost being determined. will issue a fee proposal based on the extent of work that is necessary to complete the required modifications. Normally does not charge for very minor changes.  Our fees for plan modifications are based on an hourly rate. Our hourly rate is currently R650.00/hour. Please indicate the geographic location where you intend to build, whenever you request a modification quote from 
Q: Can I buy a plan from you but have someone else modify it for me?
A: Yes, you will need to buy the CAD Set to enable another architect or draughtsman to do the necessary changes for you. 

Request for different format or version of house plan/Availability of Study Plan

Q: I will also require a CAD and/or PDF version of the plans on CD, how can I obtain it?
A: Yes you can request a digital version of the plans on CD. Please make your selection when you order the plans. Alternatively you can send us a request by email. The price will be provided on order.

Q: Are all the house plans available mirror-reversed?
A: Yes, the plans can be mirrored at your request. Nethouseplans will levy a small fee for such conversions– please ask your service consultant for pricing. Always remember to specify on the order form or by email whether you’re ordering a standard or mirrored/ reverse version of the plans.

Q: Do you offer study plans?
A:  Yes, you can choose to order a study plan first before the full detailed plans.  The study plan will show the floor plans with room dimensions and a single side elevation of the plan. The Study plan is emailed to you in a PDF format.
Choosing the right format or version when planning to customize
Q: Which file must I purchase so I can be able to customize my plans later?
A: For this purpose you will need to buy a CAD or AutoCAD version of the plans. This will make the modification process less expensive and relatively cheaper to undertake. The file is normally emailed to you in a DWG or DXF format.

Quantity requirement for plans and blueprint

Q: How many set's of plans do I need to build a house?  
A: Usually up to about 10, In addition to the contractor, electrician and plumber’s copies you will need plan copies to obtain quotes. From the issued sets of plans that you’ll received from Nethouseplans, you can make as many copies as necessary from your local printing shop for purposes of building your house only.

Q: How many blueprints do I need?
A: The following checklist will help you determine how many plan sets you need. In order to be certain how many plan sets you will require we have created a checklist below of the likely people and/or institutions that you will need to supply with sets of plan. You can then find out from each of them how many copies they’ll need and then calculate the total number of copies you require:-
Builder/s (You will require more if you still need to obtain building estimates from more
    than one builder)
Local Building or Planning Department
Bank or Mortgage Lender

NB. Most building consultants, Sub-contractors and Material suppliers usually require a digital or soft copy of the plans (i.e. PDF or CAD), in order to speedily undertake their work.


Policies and restriction of the house plan/Copyright Law
Q: I want to build this home on more than one site, is this allowed? 
A: No. The purchaser of a house plan is only allowed to build a single house only one time unless otherwise stated in writing from No house plans/building plans/architectural designs/ home plans/ house floor plans/ blueprints/ drawings or part thereof can be copied and/or reproduced by any means and for any reason other than for purposes of building the house for which the plans have been purchased for and only once. We may offer discounted price for the multiple use of the plans, but you will have to contact to order a license for the multiple use of the plans. 

Q: How does copyright law affect me?
A: All Copyright is reserved to  All house plans / building plans / architectural designs / home plans / house floor plans/ blueprints / drawings, pictures and content in this publication are property of Copyright is reserved to in terms of South African Laws & Regulations and ALL International Treaty and Trade provisions. Only the purchaser of a house plan is allowed to build one house only 1 time unless otherwise stated in writing from No house plans/building plans/architectural designs/ home plans/ house floor plans/ blueprints/ drawings or part thereof can be copied and/or reproduced by any means and for any reason other than for purposes of building the house for which the plans have been purchased for. All rights reserved. Any Infringement of the Copyright carries a Minimum penalty of $250 000.00 and is enforceable by the South African Laws and ALL other International Treaty and Trade provisions


Q: Can I come to your offices and consult with one of your consultants to review my requirements? 
A: Consultation is strictly by appointment. In the case of Custom designs, yes you can arrange with one of our professionals for a free hour session to discuss your requirements. In such cases you are required to email a brief summary indicating your requirements in advance.

However should you wish to consult or meet one of our professionals prior to purchasing a plan or accepting a Fee proposal, a consultation fee will then be levied for such consultation - otherwise the online quoting process and a consultation after acceptance of a fee proposal and purchase of the drawings remains FREE OF CHARGE! 

Payment Security
Q: Is it safe to order with credit-card on
A: Absolutely. We use PayPal and PayFast (Both are highly respected third-party online payment gateways) to handle all credit and debit-card payments. Both have extensive security and privacy measures in place for this purpose.
Our Location
Q: Where are your offices situated? 
A: Our offices are situated in Sunninghill, Sandton – South Africa
Common Symbols and Terminology

Q: What is a PDF Version?
A: A PDF file contains an electronic copy of either the Study or Full scale version of the House Plans. PDF stands for Portable Document Format. A PDF file is a digital file format mostly used today to easily transfer files containing text, pictures, drawings and fonts into a single digital file, PDF file format is very simple to use and can be easily downloaded, stored and attached on emails via a PC. This also makes printing of additional copies of the plan even much easier.  To read PDF files you require a PDF Reader software made available free by ADOBE. To download a free copy of Adobe PDF software from ADOBE click this link:
NB. A PDF House Plan package cannot be altered after purchase. For making post-purchase alterations to the plans you will require a CAD electronic copy of the House Plans.
Q: What is a CAD or AutoCAD version?
A: A CAD/AutoCAD/DWG/DXF file contains an electronic copy of the House Plans in a format which it was created with. This file format is ideal in cases where a customer has purchased a plan that he/she likes but would like to make further changes to the plans before building or submission to the authorities. You can then take the file to any local Architect or Draughtsman who utilizes a CAD system in order to effect the changes for you.
A CAD file can only be opened from a PC which has a CAD system already installed.


Q: What do the abbreviations on the floor plans stand for?
A: Some of the common abbreviations that appear on our floor plans are:
  BIC – Built-In-Cupboards
  Lin. – Linen Cupboard
  WIC. - Walk-In Closet
  Prep.- Preperation Bowl
  WC. – Water Closet
  WHB.- Wash Hand Basin
  SHW or SH.- Shower
  ENTR.- Entrance
  Din.- Dining Room
  Bedr. - Bedroom
  Scul.- Scullery
  D/Garage.- Double Garage


How to compute footage or square meter

Q: How is the square meter (m2) or footage (ft2) calculated?
A: The square meter/footage of a plan is calculated on the covered (roofed or slabbed) habitable living area including Double Volumes. This will also include any finished basement areas, garages, porches and Patios (but excluding Balconies or any open – uncovered- spaces).


Q: What is not included in your plans?

What is’s disclaimer Policy?
At we have made extensive efforts to provide our clients with products and services that are precise in detail and beneficial to the client. However, due to variations in local, regional and state applications of building codes and requirements, Individual preferences, geographical and Topography conditions of individual sites, building materials and because we are not contracted for any site inspection or supervision of the works, disclaim all warranties and liabilities, of any kind whether express or implied arising from the use of our house plans/building plans/architectural designs/ home plans/ house floor plans/ brick wall house plans/ blueprints/ drawings, documentation and content on our website and for all services and/or lack thereof obtained by any user or purchaser of products and services.  Due to the use of third parties including postal agencies, disclaims any liability, express or implied or for any damages, consequential, incidental, direct or indirect as a result of the use of such agencies.  In the event of any liability being imposed on,’s liability to the purchaser or any third party shall not exceed the price paid directly for’s products by any such agency and/or purchaser.
 While at we make every effort to ensure accuracy of information in our house plans/building plans/architectural designs/ home plans/ house floor plans/ blueprints/ drawings, we reserve the right to make corrections on our plans and content without any liability, consequential or otherwise.  All plans, information, documentation received from is provided as a guide only and therefore it is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure the accuracy, fitness of purpose and statutory requirements of any information, plan and/or content obtained from  While special care is taken by,actual house plans/building plans/architectural designs/ home plans/ house floor plans/ blueprints/ drawings may vary with the pictures/elevations shown on our website and as a result, disclaim any liability arising from such discrepancies.

While at we make every effort to ensure accuracy of information in our house plans/building plans/architectural designs/ home plans/ house floor plans/ blueprints/ drawings, plans on this site do not have a Municipal, architectural or engineering signature, seal or stamp. In some cases, plans may require certain modifications or further information in order to comply with local conditions. Customers are hereby given permission to consult a local architectural and/or engineering practitioner before commencement of construction, and to ensure compliance with all local building regulations, town planning and other applicable statutory laws. The customer undertakes to consult only SACAP (or any such relevant institutions) registered persons for such modifications.
Plans on this site are designed by, architects, technologists and draughtsmen employed or subcontracted to and they provides a general layout, design intent, and concepts for your builder to construct the house, however, In some cases the plans may not include all or relevant details that may be required by yourself, local authority, engineer or your specific builder and therefore You shall undertake to advise your architect, technologist, draughtsman, engineer and/or builder that the plans are not complete in every detail, and may require additional drawings or details to build the house in as much as the specific requirements are concerned.
Drawings may include some items, schedules, sections, details, notes, sizes and specifications which were drawn from original schematics. However, due to the wide variety of local regulations, various manufactures, human errors, etc. these references are for information only and do not represent an endorsement or recommendation by The customer, his local architect, draughtsman, engineer and/or builder are therefore responsible for the final selection and installation of all materials used in the construction of the house.
NB. “” shall mean
In case of Downtime
Due to the nature of server provision, repairs, system mal-function, downtime and lost transmissions may occur.  The User undertakes to allow unlimited time to undertake the necessary maintenance to resolve such downtime and/or malfunction/s. As a result, and in the event of any query arising therefore, the User undertakes to allow enough time to undertake such repairs as may be necessary, without prejudice and/or liability. Furthermore, the User will provide proof for such downtime, including but not limited to dates and times in order to enable to resolve any such queries that may arise. Notwithstanding the above, the User agrees to enter into this agreement at his own risk and consents that there shall be no refunds or compensation for any such downtime.






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